Training Blog #6: Cockadoodle doo

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My life has resorted to this... who's in charge herah?!

It all started two weeks ago--after my vet visit. Yup, i stepped on the scale and the room fell silent. what???? 105 lbs!! not sure how those 3 extra lbs. snuck in therah. Sure it wasn't a machine malfunction...

That's not all. Things began to change after last week's Control Unleashed class. All the other doggies in class flew through the tunnel, leaped over the jumps (w/o knocking them off), and actually moved fairly quickly. Umm,all of a sudden, somehow my name changed to MOOSE during that class.

Alright, i am not fast by any means... therah's thangs to check out.. doggies are staring at me.. gotta see what's going on & jump over a pole. come'on!

The Morning Walkies turned into the Morning Workouts.
(No one told me i signed up for the Army.)

See, see how early it is.. who is up at this hour working out?
MOI, the moose!

It begins with a warmup on the track.
you can tell by the look on my face,
i'm rarin' to go!

The big plan is for me to practice jumps. watch..ta da!
who needs to jump when you can walk around. done.

Next up: the table exercise. Step up, sit & stay. Easy peasy... in class, i was told i embarrass my attachment (mommie) by making this furrie difficult!

After the track, we attempted the weave pole exercises.
look-- there are a kazillion of them... luckily i haven't eaten yet. puggeash.

Then we hit the playground for a little zoomie run, stair agility and the 'find it' game.
i must admit, i don't mind this part of the workout.
at least i'm not attached to you know who and there's chicken.

(Opps, sorry about the sign Bruce--a doggie's got 2 do what a doggie's got 2 do.)

Watch out, move aside... it's zoomie time!
AND THERE IT IS. i think i broke a sweat.

Ready to play 'find it'... 'it' being the chicken. Check it out.

TIMEOUT: music was added to give this exercise:
#1 a serious bidnez vibe and
#2 the illusion of me moving at a faster pace.

contemplating an escape route....
Can i get down now?

Woohooo, the last exercise: Jump practice ovah the stone benches.
i'll do one and that's it. Wait.. looks like a partee or maybe le petit dejeuner pour moi?
you shouldn't have.
oh you didn't.

all this
and the moon is still out.


C ya! Must go lay down now.

Pee sesses. wonder if i should ask Archie to be my coach instead?
i saw his training methods. chin exercises while laying down.
somethang to definitely consider.


Click & treat

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Noah the Airedale said...

I think you workout looks pretty good. I dont think I'd be able to do any of it hehe.

Noah x

Bruce said...

Wow, that's quite a workout Tula! At least you got photo breaks. Make sure you pose real good cuz then she'll keep taking pictures & forget about the workout. Give her your best smile & flash her the big eyes look like I always do. It gets them every time! Don't worry about the "no cats" thing...I do what I want anyway...don't really care if someone tells me no...that's the advantage of being a cat. Have you ever heard of a cat obedience school?...no, they don't exist!
On a technical note...couldn't get the videos to play. When I push play a bunch of little pictures slideshow across the screen to play separate videos & none of them are you? Am I doing it wrong or is that what you want me to watch? Help!
your pal,

Ozzie the OZmonster said...

Hi Tula-Moose,

I don't know if I would like an early morning work out either! It looks interesting, though.

I especially like your techno-music. Is that what you have on you i-paw?



I saw your early "workouts" - if that's what you call them. That's nothing... try keeping up with me!

Agatha and Archie said...

Tula Tula Tula,you don't need Archie YOU HAVE TO HAVE him as your coach..You are going about this all wrong.....First of all...you MUST play the find it game with hot dogs( this seems to be Archie's new thing for some reason) and then there is ALOT you can do at home....like mental strength training as well( the watching tv while just staring at your stuffie and not touching it is really hard) He said he is going to work on a plan today for you..that is after he is done with his interview for tv that is going to be shown at half time tonight on the Celtics game...Love A=A We WICKED missed you yesterday Did you get the kisses we sent you?

Bruce said...

O.K., now we're talking ACTION! In that first video you looked like a FREIGHT TRAIN!! Wow, I didn't know a doggie your size could run so FAST!! In the second video I think I caught your tail wagging to the music...nice touch! By the third video, I was so impressed with your beauty! You are one big beautiful hunk of a dog! Nice work on the post Mom!
your friend,

Elizabeth and Luna said...

Hi Tula, I think once you start doing your work out more you will get used to it. That was quite early though ;) We would have a hard time getting up. Good job!

Eric said...

Tula. 3lbs over? Not wagging suprised. Must be your extra brain weight from all those things Momma keeps making you learn.....

Worried wags, ERic xxxxx

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

Hi, Tula!!! Haha, we fall a little behind on keeping up, and you gain 3lbs?! Kidding! You look wonderful, dahling, totally fab, don't give it a second thought. :) And speed is highly overrated, too. You look like you're having a great time--ain't nothin more, right?


Sally said...

Those 3lbs extra could be muscle? Maybe you are just retaining water...

I like the pictures of you in your own private gym - my D tried to get me to do things like that - but I just sat down - I am not chubby - I am big boned - there is a difference.

Now she lets me run after squirrels - it tires me out and makes me happy - we are sad for the squirrels but some of them look like they could lose some weight too. Thats our excuse anyway...

Keep up the good work

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

PS Paddy can eat anything and never puts on weight - this makes me want to bite him....

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Yes, Tula, we think your should recruit Archie to be your trainer! Look what he did for Agatha!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Fenway said...

Hi Tula!

Ms. Alpha is doing the Relaxation Protocol with me and I am a VERY good student...and we're only on Day 7. However, when I get to agility class, I am more like Control Unleashed!!! I'm afraid Ms. A. is getting quite frustrated by my trickiness. I will be a very good boy but once I'm at an agility class, I am focused on finding a way to zoom over to a particular dog and mount him/her. It doesn't really look like aggression, though. Last night I did my agility equipment sequences perfectly and VERY fast, but when I was done with the last jump I would make a beeline to a particular golden retriever. So, I had to spend a LOT of time in dog jail (crate). Each time I came out chastened and very focused...but then I'd do it all over again. After the fourth chance, I got a permanent trip to dog jail.

Do you have any ideas to keep me in line? I'm only 20 months old and an unneutered male. Hmmm. Maybe that's the problem?

apoorva said...

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Bruce said...

You don't need to be afraid of me Tula...I'm your bud:)

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're up early, Tula! Can we join you for workouts- although we do have to say that the zoomie part looks like a whole lot more fun to us!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

T said...

Aw, I love the workouts!!! You look fabulous too!!!

And you helped me smile today!

Kimberly said...