Up to our Eyeballs in Snowballs

hi bloggie pals,

like most of the country, we here in Masterchewsits 
have been up to our eyeballs in snowballs!

let me show woo what i mean..
 put on your snow gear cuz we're venturing outside!

Ok, Ready?

(the story is told in animated gif style- thanks to
google who automatically creates these images for woo)

Weather doesn't stop Nordude from visiting..

he didn't know i was watching the whole time!

and then he just comes right in!
at least knock first pulleze.

we immediately head out to the backyard for
snow zoomie funballs

check him out ..thinking he's somethang in his orange booties

and he gets supah excited.
geesh that's just your mommie.

i get totally bored with it all and head back in!

meanwhile.. nice old man neighbor bernie 
is snow blowing my sidewalkies!

great timing because we're headed out 
to scope out the hood right now!

 yep it's pretty much white out conditions!
advise to stay inside!

hmm now which way is home?



What does the Akita say?

hi bloggie pals,

ha back again before the new year!

this time with another video..
a remake of the "What does the fox say?"
with a guest appearance by Nordude.

and i had to change to lyrics a bit
to Woo woo woo woo woowoo.

yep watch out.. it may go viral!
(after all my backend is exposed- so not ladylike)

AND CUT! That's a wrap! 


Merry Xmas wishes to woo!

hi bloggie pals,

Yep, still a lot of shenanigans happening with my cuzin, Nordude.
Woo'll see fur yourself in these videos.
(geesh, iphones come in handy!)

So, in this one we're minding our own bidnez..
on our usual morning walkies..when umm
the snow removal team comes toola close
for comfort! They take snow removal furry seriously!

And then in this one.. Nordude goes
all coocoobirds during his Santa photo shoot.
(Psst.. Santa didn't know that he tried to steal his sandwich
in the backroom)

Here's our furriend Frosty.. whose days were
numbered.. .. luckily it was a quick melt.
2 days tops!

And this last photo was an attempt to make me 
a... REINDEER! As if!

So now woo are all caught up~
but i wanted to be sure to wish woo all 
a Furry Merry Xmas!


Love B.E.A.R. Akita Rescue!

hi bloggie pals,
From Millan.Net

Aww.. sharing this video of fellow rescued akita, Sammie.
Nordude sent it to me to show me Akitas can learn and do tricks.
He wants the lady to come teach me! As if!
I can do the paw shake and spin...
ok so maybe not the whole, leave a treat between my
toe toes.  It's all a work in progress!

Thanks B.E.A.R akita rescue for taking him in!  
Please enter their Holiday Raffle
to win something shiny like an iPad Mini
AND donate to help B.E.A.R. keep doing
what they're doing.

No Akitas left Behind! Ha!

(or razberries)


Warning Warning Sharknado Sharknado!

hi bloggie pals,

Have woo heard of the latest summer hit movie, Sharknado?

So, when a freak hurricane hits Los Angeles, it scoops up
these man-eating monstahs and tosses 
them all ovah the city!!

That's right, Sharks + Tornados = a Sharknado! 

Whoa look out for flying chompahs!
That's crazy...

Well no worries here in Marlborough, 
just send in me!  I'll take care of it--

Gotta fight chompahs with chompahs!


what do ya know! 
tastes like chicken!
All safe here!


Dog Dayz of Summah

me? toola hot.. my morning walkies weather has been
70+ with the supah muggies.
woo know! jungle weather!


therefore, it's important to get my walkies in 
first thing before retiring in front of the AC.

Luckily my room has it's own window unit
cuz i gotta it like that! Ha!

stay kool!