But it's Sunday!

What? get up for my walkies?! 

But it's Sunday!

That's why we make our walkies count.. for charity that is.
Try downloading these free apps and take your phone with you
on your walkies to track it.

Charity Miles  pick from a list of charities like
Feed America, StandUp 2 Cancer, The Nature Conservancy, the ASPCA and more!
Start the app, pick a charity and walkies!
Earns 25 cents per mile.

Walk for a Dog is a new one.
Select your local animal shelter or rescue and
every  mile you walkies donates 25 cents per mile to them.
Of course, we walkies for Big East Akita Rescue (B.E.A.R)
to help all the wonderful BEARS they save & place into
good homes.

I know some doggies use the ResQwalk

Pick one. Pick them all. Get to Walkies!

Peace out-


Meanwhile back at Camp Tulie..

hi bloggie pals,

This summah is going by pretty, well much toola fast.
So, i wanted to share what's been happenin' around
the tula estate .. which is umm. not much for me
but Nordude gets #summahcamp time when 
my momma takes him to the trails and funtimes everyday.

check it out.
my daily walkies are ... in one word. RIDICULOUS!

Nordude watched all the labradoinks 
with their gun training exercises at the Stow trails.

this is a great place to get your nutties out.

meanwhile, back at camp tulie. zzzzzzz time.

on the weekends, it's festival time. Here's Nordude 
pretending he's a city dog enjoying art, pizza and sitting out at the bar.

MA Vest-a-dog had a grrreat event and Nordude
played with his Bestie and found some NOT besties.

meanwhile, back at camp tulie.. gimme gimme my foods!

And, hit repeat until the summah is ovah!
hope everyone is having a good one!



Summer Funballs- video style

Hi Bloggie pals,

This summer is off with a splash! Well for Nordude..
For me.. coolness is important on my walkies &
just staying cool in front of the fan.

Check out some of our adventures (well Nordude's again)
to see how summer is getting started!

Stay tuned for more funballs soon!
Happy Summer,


Play the Moments

   WOO WOO dog walkies by!  911!����

              Close call! Threat is ovah!

Life according to tulie- where the small things are exhausting!