My Story

Rescued from the Streets of Brooklyn

I'm an akita girl from Brooklyn --who was just wandering the streets all by myself & hanging out in the junkyard. That was until the summer of 2007, NYC Animal Control Officers picked me up. I was in rough shape.. very hungry, dirty, and my fur was full of tar . When they brought me to the NYC Animal Care Center, I didn't like the kennels or the strange people trying to touch me. The evaluator used words like rowdy, severe behavior problems, and blah blah blah. Before I knew it, I was off to live with Bonnie who runs a foster home out in the Berkshires of Western MA. In some cases, they call her when a dog has a hard time being kenneled (guess who?!). Once my picture was posted on, my mom came to visit me. She was looking for her favorite breed, Akita.. ME.. someone cute.. ME.. a large dog.. ME (shhh i'm more like XL).. someone who could live in an apartment... ME?! Well, long story short, I found a new home in the Metrowest area of Boston, MASS. isn't so bad anymore! except now I have a boston & brooklyn accent. fuggeddaboutit!

littleheartSlobbers & wags to
the beans who helped save me.

my rescue day pic (7/19/07)

NYC Animal Control found me here:
Lenox Rd. Brooklyn

woof Save a dog's life. Adopt a rescue dog:
Bonnie's A Place for Us
New York Animal Control & Care Center
MSPCA- Angell
Akita SOS (Save Our Seniors) Western NY
Big East Akita Rescue (BEAR)
ARWNY-NorthEast Akita Rescue (closed)
ARMAC- Mid-Atlantic Akita Rescue
MARS- Midwest Akita Rescue
WGLAR- Wisconsin Akita Rescue

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