Training Blog #3: Tails of Thursday Night

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Reactive Class II: Third & Fourth Session by tula
Sorry, the last time I blogged about my training class was over two weeks ago (oops). Time slips by too easily. Let me begin with another apology... in my previous entry, I talked about Callie, the yellow lab and how she gives a great circus trick performance. Well, I also said she was a girl. After having a closer look, I noticed this kind of furry hanging handle on her... which probably means, she's actually a he. Sorry Callie.. wonder if you spell your name differently too. (A girl doesn't get out much.. can you tell!)

Anyways, this should catch you up on our class activities.
Click on the photos to enlarge.

I maybe the star of this show.. obviously no one could care if I walked
into the room. Where's the love?!

Barks to Daisy...even though her parents make the trip from Vermont, she sometimes needs a little coaxing to participate. (if you know what I mean and, I think you do).

Good to see Max back in action. His mom says he has bionic knees.. and hips? Or you can call it a replacement, he prefers bionic. Poor guy.. but I'll tell you another thing about him, put a piece of cheese in front of him.. No worries.

Emma wants us to do this thing called a buddy walk. The room was arranged with several jumps running parallel to another set. Of course, a dividing gate was put in between. Everyone took a turn practicing first, before the actual event-- walking next to another "buddy" that was moving alongside of you. The second time was the true challenge, GULP--walking towards your buddy!

Emma partnered me & Callie together. Her g-ma thought Callie would do better if she ran the course. For my sake, that just gets me going--the prey drive kicks in from quick movements. Mom had to speed up her chicken feeding to focus my attention on her.

You know what, I did it! Short lived success though.. it was all preparation for this past Thursday, when THREE of us were out on the floor performing over hoops, tunnels, jumps AT THE SAME TIME!

HARD GULP.. so when it was my turn, Nola was nearby peforming her tasks..before you know it, that overwhelming urge came over me -- grr & I stood up on my hind legs (it gives off the 'don't mess with me' vibe; well, and makes me taller than my mom).Before I could blink, Mom body blocked me, told me to go into a down position, refocus and finish the task.

As the saying goes.. No Pain No Gain (maybe)
It's the not the size of the dog in the fight (nope)
A good dog is a tired dog. (true)
Must try new things.
How about ...I can do it if I put my mind to it!

That's my story & I'm sticking with it.

Session 3 Grade: A Lots of looks at the other dogs but stayed Cool as a Cucumber.

Session 4 Grade: B Challenging class, keep all paws on the floor next time, pullease.

Reactive Dog Classes are held at MasterPeace Dog Training, Franklin MA
Emma Parsons, author of Click to Calm & instructor
Julie Robitaille, CAMT is the owner of Animal Wellness Massage Therapy
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Hi Monstah!
We love your post. I didn't know you were a STAR? and working on set. I thought you just went to school. I can't believe you thought Nola was sticking her tongue out at you! Why would she want to mess with a monstah! oops I mean cool cucumber.

kiss kiss,

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