Training Blog #4: Mind yer Bidnez

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Yep, call me a 'lifer'--I'm signed up again for ANOTHER round of Reactive II Class with Emma. Ho hum.. isn't there a policy? or something- 3 times tops. I'm probably not doing myself a favor, whenever we run into Murphy coming out of his apartment... showtime-- grr, grr, lunge, etc. etc. Sometimes he starts it! Things I learned in class kinda go out the window at home.

The good thing about new classes is the new doggies! Let's see.. me & daisy are the only repeaters, ohh and max the rottie is back. He keeps sending his lucky charms my way! We'll get to that latah.

Remember in my previous training blogs, I showed you my usual spot in the back corner of the room. Those spots are left to the more sensitive/ reactive doggies. Well I'm moving on up, to the east side.. no no, I've gotten somewhat of a promotion to the middle of the room now. The pressure is on! Got to keep it together while my doggie-mates are practicing their agility tricks a few feet by me.

I do sneak some peeks, chat a little.. and i am thinking my doggie-mates are trying to tell me something.

Oh Max. He's working on being able to look at another dog for a very short time. When it's his turn, here comes the question, "who do you want to be exposed to?" Max has been picking me! (Hmm, I really didn't know it was that kind of class. I am trying to be a lady!) I have to parade in front of him (at a distance:) ). He gets to watch me. This class he watched me weave-- got him a little riled up. (who wouldn't??! hubba hubba)

Next time -- lipstick, wear the lipstick!
That will really get him going.

Oh My DOG! Do you think Daisy was upset with me? I caught her sticking her tongue out. Nola did it in the class before, now Daisy. What did I do?

Meet the new kids.... Zeus the german shepard who is a protester or shall we say, stubborn
and Boris the ? (His daddy thought he was a sharpei/lab mix.
However, the DNA results turned out differently) were both mumbling something to me.

Then there's Duffy the greyhound, who looks lovely in her cape. I thought they were talking about cheese... guess she has a problem with me staring too.

Petey the pitbull was the only one who didn't have too much of a problem avec moi. Although, he was probably too busy finding all the goodies on the floor. Do I really need to be hit over the head with this! I'll try, I'll try to mind my bidnez. ok!

Two more classes to go before I advance to the Controlled Unleashed Class. gulp... we're talking no barriers, learning how to stay on a mat while doggies are working, and being calm. Ummmm. can we talk about this first?!!


Click & treat



I see you staring me down too. Are you the police? At least Max enjoys your waddling duck walk with those webbed feet of yours..

Next time, lipstick. A ladee (even a rowdy one) never leaves home w/out her lipstick!

oh LOOK click* treat!
hahaha made u look!

Agatha and Archie said...

Ho boy...uh being a little reactive ourselves ha ha ho ho....actually not a great get to know you party trick..we would NEVER be able to do the no leash thing......We have our favorites to be ahem how shall we say alittle pushy towards?..and if we are walking side by side? fugget about it.. we go for each other( referred something they call it>>>) we are working on it but there are just some kids we will never like....( labs...who knows why? ) Love A+A

Eric said...

Tula, I see A&A have given the wirey secrets away that er...we may be a little re-active ourselves. Jus a breed thing you understand. ow I have some advise for you. being a boy.Lipstick is GOOD. Mascara even better!!
Yep dip that pretty head, flutter those eyes and Max will be eating from your paws.

You are doing sooooooo goood Tula.I'm wagging proud of you. Little star***. I'm eager to see how you get on in the unleashed class - my £££ are on brilliant.

Wiry wags! Happy Weekend Tula.

Eric xxx

Lucia said...

Ciao bella Tula!

You are da bomba! With your beautiful face, it's no surprise to me that Max would pick you, lipstick or no.

Mia ragazza and I always get lots of giggles from your bloggie posts. In addition to being a bellissima signorina, you are also a great wit! Buon fortunata with controlled unleashed -- bet you're going to be magnifico!

Tanti baci!

Sally said...

Dear Tula,

We think you are doing brilliantly! Try the lipstick and mascara- it is a good idea - I like to air kiss - this seems to make all the dogs go gooey.

It isn't easy, I mean you are a big girl and you come from Brooklyn - You talkin' to me?

I am sure you will do well off leash.

Lots of licks

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! You found a boyfriend? He looks cute. He's sooo totally your type!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Technodoll said...

Your mom's got TALENT!

This post rocked :-)


The akitas

Maggie and Mitch said...

The Slippery Elm has never let us down yet, Tula! It has saved our butts many times!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Eric said...

Hey Tula! You snooozzzyyy? You won a big nosey!! Want to pee mail me your address? Link above my chat box on my bloggie... Wiry wags, Eric x