Training Log #2: Confessions of a Reactive Dog

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Reactive Class II: Second Session by tula
Back from our week off and ready to get started! I was too excited to take my usual nap on the drive there. Can't wait to get rowdy.. I mean, to be calm when I see everyone again.

Meet My Class

This is the classroom. (Not how you pictured it??)
Emma Parsons, author of Click to Calm is our instructor.


Woohoo, over here! Look way in the back! You can't see me.. but, that's on purpose. Everyone is in their spot behind the tall wooden barriers. The front spots are for those dogs who can handle more exposure during our activities.

Confession/Slight Embarassment:
uhmmmm, I'm just not ready for all that yet. (maybe someday)

Lesson: Circus Tricks! (aka The OBSTACLE COURSE)
Well, it seems like circus tricks-- all the weaving, jumping, this way then that way, and you want me to go through what?! Emma was trying to convince us that these exercises create a "thinking dog" versus reacting.

Oh, I was thinking alright, I was thinking about:

Hey, who's that over there?

What are they doing?

You can't do that!

I can't see!


Callie was up first.

Pretty good work. No Problems.
Just between you & me.. this wasn't her first time.

Let's see what Daisy can do..

Where'd she go?

Then... here it comes: Does tula want a turn? Of course - at least, I'll go through the hoops as long as I get to sneak some peeks at everyone.

Circus Trick 1: Over the first pole. good good.
Over the second pole- a little sloppy. Accidently knocked the pole down.

Another Confession:
I'm not actually jumping and you could say, not really paying too much attention to the pole either.

Circus Trick 3: THE TUNNEL
Notice it's not as long as daisy's! There is no way I'm going through-- I'll stick my head in there and that's it!

Circus Trick 4, 5, 6:
After weaving in & out of the poles, sitting on a platform AND
going over 2 more jumps.

Wait. What was Nola doing?.... Yah, well, it's back to my spot.

Click & Chicken time.

Nola's up.

Uh oh, she's headed my way- I want to look but I want that piece of chicken too. The urge to GRRR & lunge are coming over me. What to do? what to do?
My mom keeps saying 'Good Looking Tula!'

Then there's the whiff of chicken in front of my nose.
Click & Chicken.


**Somehow I can be distracted from my distractions--interesting.

Superstar Circus Status! Bravo!

That was only the first half hour of class. Next, Emma wanted us to practice certain exercises when we're not 'working' or you know, just sitting there.
She says reactive dogs have a harder time if they're not focusing on something.

Exercises: Doggie Zen is like the LEAVE IT command.
My mom showed me the treat in her hand.

Closed her hand and held it out to the side.

So, I stared at her hand. Nothing. Kept staring & staring.
Then it finally happened. Once I looked at her eyes, to say, What's the deal?
Click & Chicken

Oh course!

Sit/Down- Stays

Now I had to move out in front of my barrier and sit.

Hey Callie's over there. Why, wait, why is Daisy jumping around?
(slight distractions)

Then my mom walked to stand in front of me for a minute or 2 mins.


This time she turned her whole back to me. How rude!

She didn't even know I was too busy watching Nola the whole time.

Before class ended, Julie visited me in my cell, I mean spot. She called me Miss America! and even sang it. Julie usually teaches us about massage to help with relaxation each class. She thinks I'm doing very well- let's be honest, the words were Superstar since the first time I came to class.

Exhausting, time to go home.

B+ Kept it together through the entire class!

Reactive Dog Classes are held at MasterPeace Dog Training, Franklin MA
Julie Robitaille, CAMT is the owner of Animal Wellness Massage Therapy

Click & treat



Wow Tula Monstah!
You got a B+! I still want to see you go thru the tunnel. It is extra large to fit you?

Norwood aka goofball

Technodoll said...

Good gurl Tula! You did good and looked great doing it!



Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

Hey, that's great! And how lucky you are to be training with Emma Parsons! BTW, you look mahvelous! :) You go, girl!


myspoileddogs said...

Wow Tula you are SOOO lucky to get to train with Emma Parsons! Dylan needs that for sure!!