The Intelligence of Dogs

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How smart are dogs?!

I came across this interesting video through another blog. It discusses research on dogs trained to assist autistic children. Being a special ed. teacher, the two topics caught my attention.
The video demonstrates how in tune dogs are to our every move-- body language, even more so our eyes! (Just a side note: I couldn't help to laugh-- I use my eye movements to teach children with autism to pay attention to other forms of communication too. It's amazing how parallel some things are in teaching.)

Anyways.. this explains why strange things happen while my eyes are closed on the couch.
Enjoy, d & t

A link to the blog site:

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That just shows you we are smarter than monkeys and... humans.


Technodoll said...

Dogs are totally smarter than humans... ever see us wear crocs? LOL

Great video, btw - mom loved it :-)

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the akitas

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

What a great look that Tula! Kinda like Tuchuck. :) And, of course, the intelligence of dogs goes without saying...

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Technodoll said...

Hi Tula!

karen@stuffformypet.com didn't receive your email yet regarding the horoscopes so just making sure you didn't send it? She thinks something may be wrong with her email... thanks for letting us know! :-)