Mad(libs) about Valentines

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For My Special Valentine

My darling frosty paws,

I can't begin to tell you how beefy you are to me. The early mornings we've spent together make me feel so sleepy, and I've learned just how jumpy you've become in my life.

You are the most fuzzy fox that I've ever met. Every time you sniffing, it sends shivers down my toe toes and makes my tail melt in anticipation of our next encounter.

The first time we shared a dingo bone, I knew I'd be forever thrilled.

It's the rowdy times - the dinners at poochescafe, the bowls of water at our special park, our boston getaway.

I love your cold nose, your big ears, and most of all, your dark eyes. Your hair smells like a tulip; your skin feels like the softest lovebird on earth. Your crunchy lips, your purple eyes, your akita-like voice ... everything about you makes me want to jump on a car, proclaiming how excited you make me feel.

So on this Valentine's Day, I extend my belly to the person who makes me feel more cuddley than words can express.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Your loving apple & banana.

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Hi Tula Monstah!

Hmmm.. extend your belly for rub? We might stick to petting your head first. I will share my apples and bananas with you.

Happy V day
Goofball and your Fun Aunt Bee

i beati said...

Excellent tribute Sandy

Dianne said...

what a lovely dog and a wonderful post

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

A belated Happy Valentine's Day to you, Tula! You and your buddies in training class keep up the good work! You guys (and your class) are pretty inspiring.