Training Blog #8- the good, ok & humpf

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the good, the ok & the humpf ... thought i was done with training. too good to be true. this week it was a triple tula whammy: a vet visit,a new training class, and a rub down. Let's start with the good! oh yah.. mas-sage time.

definitely the best part of training... yep, julie came to visit me this time. Usually we head ovah to Northeast kennels, but it was way 2 hard to concentrate on the massage. the constant wroo wrooo wroos, arf arfs, yappers at the kennels.. did not help to create a relaxing environment. i bet they were just jelly.

at home. relaxation.. not a problem. although when julie knocked on the door. a case of the zoomies broke out. i even went to show her my tricky ball. oops.. that's not why she's herah.

i settled down & got use to her visiting me. then, massage time. hot stones pulleze? oh yeah.. lavender is sooo soothing.. could use some of that too? i wish! just have to get ovah the fact that hoomans have to touch me to do that- this truly is training therapy!

the ok...
Ruffians class is in session. a different reactive dog training class with a former instructor Paul Emerson. more advanced or faster paced. already walked in circles around the room with 5 other dogggies. paul calls me his 'grad' student since i was in his class a year ago and calls on moi to demonstrate. who moi? i think i'm impressing him.. calmer & got skills now. look out!

and the i already knew that... meet Dr. Wolfus, my favorite person! i like him so much i give him a special grrrrrrr just for him. especially when he tries to feel my tummie. he was thrilled! and said he notices the progress.. much more calmer this time. his orders are to continue training- okaaay AND lose some weight-- ah, that's a toughie. training = lots & lots & lots of treats. so.. maybe aftah.

that's my week in a nutshell. nevah let's up. excuse me while i catch up on some zzzzzzz..

happy sunday!

Click & treat


Sharon said...

I'm proud of you Tula! That's a good girl for trying so hard!
Your friend,

Anya said...

Hi Tula
You have hard training the last days Wow!!
You love sports (I think.. LOL)9
Kareltje =^.^=

Bruce said...

Massage...did you say massage? I'll have one please:)
Good job Tula...I'm proud of you too!
your pal,


that sounds like fun not hard work.... Touch your tail? Then click and treat. I wanna get one. Hmm I guess we'll stop leaving you cookies so you can drop a few pounds per doctor's orders


Agatha and Archie said...

Good girl kiddo..That was a tuff week....and all of that in one week..whew.....hey guess what?? Patriots training camp starts this week!! WOOHOO!! love and kisses A+Acoachr

The OP Pack said...

That massage sounds very relaxing, Tula. Glad you are cooperating with Julie. Did you get that smoothie?

Woos, the OP Pack

Maggie and Mitch said...

You are working hard, Tula! We're sure that massage felt good!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

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