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Our Accessories
by Gentle Leader

We were reading poor little Archie & Agatha's Blog. His vet recommended that he wears his gentle leader again since he became traumatized by the snowplows. He seems sad about the whole thing. (Sorry, hard not to laugh at your postings-- good idea to opt out of wearing a cowboy hat to the vet)

We feel for you. If this helps, we wear gentle leaders over here too. Mine even matches my lovely purple designed collar & leash. And, I always like to accessorize with a matching bandana. Maybe you can find one to go with your fancy bowtie??! Think fashion--

We wanted to give a big AROO THANK YOUU to the Bubblegum Akitas. We took them up on their offer of a free horoscope reading! It was quite a lengthy reading.

Here are a few snipnets:

Tula's birthday (rescue day) falls under the Cancer sign:

Tula needs to feel like she's number one!
So, I'm doing the right thing, having an entire closet full of bones, toys & treats, feeding her first and well, yah. Not a problem.. really, no choice.

Tula must be guarded from her own impulsive actions.
Trying! Trying hard.

Tula is attractive to other dogs and will know how to manipulate animals and human's alike. Hmmm, does that include me?! Seems a little like #1 bizness.

You can't get Tula out of the kitchen.
I always know where to find her.

Tula knows how to show you who's the boss. She seems to radiate an attitude of respect, Don't mess with me!" Got it! Figured that one out on my own.

She communicates by telepathy and does not understand why you cannot understand. Wishful thinking.

We're fans of both their blogs. Keep all the good stuff coming!

& dee

Click & treat


Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

This is fun, I want a reading!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is a pretty gentle leader! Where do you get pretty ones? Mine is boring, and so are my haltis! LOL


Hmmm.. Tula's number 1.
and Tula's a manipulator?
and she knows her way around the kitchen!

I think I feel her telling me to write that she wants a frosty paw now please.


Agatha and Archie said...

Well we have really cute gentle leaders too,BUT our Chiropractor told Archie that he can't wear his right now as it presses on something or or the other..... That is ok with Arch because he has been trying to rub it off in the snow!!!!! I rather like mine( so fashionable) BUT PL2 found that it does have a calming affect on him in the house at times so she periodically puts it on him... She is going to check up some more on if it is hurting his back...Love and kisses A+A isn't this ice AWFULL!!!

Technodoll said...

He he - she got that from the akita genes :-D

Such a pretty, pretty photo... snuzzles from your furry cousins!


Asta said...

Hi Tula
Nice to meet you.I knew a sweet Akita at my doggie wun, but she had to cwoss the bwidge last yeaw..hew pawents adowed hew and she had a vewy vewy happy life aftew they found hew. She was a wescoo too, and a booty..Mommi painted a pawtwait of hew..you can see it on my sidebaw on the pawtwait bubble shawe of Mommi's paintings.
How cool that you had youw howoscope wead..I like the kitchen too, but I don't think you would fit in ouws, hehehit's tiny.
smoochie kisses