Saturday Morning Funnies

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dog nightmare - idea by trev stair (aka trigger25)

"fleas" created by Fluffer

The Jury in the Michael Vick case. by Beebo Wallace

Sniff the fresh air! this weekend.
kiss kisses


What do you call a nutty dog in Australia?
A: A dingo-ling!

What dogs are best for sending telegrams?
A: Wire haired terriers!!

What do you call a dog with no legs?
A: It doesn't matter what you call him, he still won't come!

Why do dogs run in circles?
A: Because its hard to run in squares!(HA)


Stop Horsing Around & Friendly Award

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Oh New England Farms pop up in the most random places (so not like Brooklyn at all). There happens to be a farm in the town of Northborough, MA., right across the street from one of my fav parks. It's a must to stop by my four legged horsey friends.

So I thought....for some reason, they stare, every one of them! and scruff their hooves from a distance. I take it as a hello. Funny how noone comes ovah... maybe the electric fencing has somethang to do with it. I stare back and scruff my toes toes right back at ya!

Hay hay horsies, (thought I'd break the ice with a joke) When does a horse neigh?Whinny wants to!.. hehehehehe. Nothing!

Alright, onward and upward...

That's when I heard all the chattering.. hey tula, where's your saddle? neiiigh neeigh snort snort. -- That's just not right--

il mio amico dolce (my sweet friend) , Lucia! gave me this Friendly Award. Grazie si! Lucia... you could nevah have enough furriends like you.

Now it's my turn to pass it along to my waggin' furriends:

Norwood, yes he's my cuzin --did you know he leaves cookies on mom's car for me every day!(and refers to me as cookie monstah).

Ozball: who always stops by and has taught me a few yoga moves. I am kinda bendy.

Archie & Agatha: thanks for looking out for this new kid on the bloggie!

Sally & Eric: who gave me very useful beauty tips. Grazie!


A Walkie on a Spring Day

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Camera Critters
WELL... more like this.

Snow melting. Sun shining-- a slizzing 53 degrees outside. A lovely spring day for a walkie.
(i'm behind the scenes right now)


Spring brings out the creatures. Even got to do some tracking of whatever these things were.
Last spring I discovered actual turkey leg or wing bones --chewed up. The following week I found out why-- a family of foxy mamas was living over therah! One of them trailed us around until mom tried the chicken trick to distract the fox. Really, pullleaze-- that didn't work. I showed that foxy mama who was the ticket!

Once we made it to the field- approximately 14 minutes 23 seconds latah.
This happened.

Geesh. Wait, I have to sit-- lay down. The sun is really somethang else today.
Awww the butterfly understood.

Let me get more comfortable.
Huh, what was that?! Then all of a sudden....

Petey Playhouse's ball came rollin' by-- all the way from NYC. Huh? I don't know Petey very well. Why does he think I want to play with his ball.

I mean, thanks.. but I don't want to play with your play now Petey. OK?!! It's hot. I'm hot!
Before long, a red-tailed hawk was circling above me.
(it was much closer than it appears)
Was it so hot I started to cook? the smell of chicken was in the air?
(you are what you eat, right)

No no.. the hawk was making a special delivery from Eric the Square dog.
Check it out.

Yep, i won me one of them red noseys.
Thanks Eric, your the best!

enjoy your day

Saturday Morning Funnie

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sometimes it's all Too(la) much!
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Training Blog #4: Mind yer Bidnez

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Yep, call me a 'lifer'--I'm signed up again for ANOTHER round of Reactive II Class with Emma. Ho hum.. isn't there a policy? or something- 3 times tops. I'm probably not doing myself a favor, whenever we run into Murphy coming out of his apartment... showtime-- grr, grr, lunge, etc. etc. Sometimes he starts it! Things I learned in class kinda go out the window at home.

The good thing about new classes is the new doggies! Let's see.. me & daisy are the only repeaters, ohh and max the rottie is back. He keeps sending his lucky charms my way! We'll get to that latah.

Remember in my previous training blogs, I showed you my usual spot in the back corner of the room. Those spots are left to the more sensitive/ reactive doggies. Well I'm moving on up, to the east side.. no no, I've gotten somewhat of a promotion to the middle of the room now. The pressure is on! Got to keep it together while my doggie-mates are practicing their agility tricks a few feet by me.

I do sneak some peeks, chat a little.. and i am thinking my doggie-mates are trying to tell me something.

Oh Max. He's working on being able to look at another dog for a very short time. When it's his turn, here comes the question, "who do you want to be exposed to?" Max has been picking me! (Hmm, I really didn't know it was that kind of class. I am trying to be a lady!) I have to parade in front of him (at a distance:) ). He gets to watch me. This class he watched me weave-- got him a little riled up. (who wouldn't??! hubba hubba)

Next time -- lipstick, wear the lipstick!
That will really get him going.

Oh My DOG! Do you think Daisy was upset with me? I caught her sticking her tongue out. Nola did it in the class before, now Daisy. What did I do?

Meet the new kids.... Zeus the german shepard who is a protester or shall we say, stubborn
and Boris the ? (His daddy thought he was a sharpei/lab mix.
However, the DNA results turned out differently) were both mumbling something to me.

Then there's Duffy the greyhound, who looks lovely in her cape. I thought they were talking about cheese... guess she has a problem with me staring too.

Petey the pitbull was the only one who didn't have too much of a problem avec moi. Although, he was probably too busy finding all the goodies on the floor. Do I really need to be hit over the head with this! I'll try, I'll try to mind my bidnez. ok!

Two more classes to go before I advance to the Controlled Unleashed Class. gulp... we're talking no barriers, learning how to stay on a mat while doggies are working, and being calm. Ummmm. can we talk about this first?!!


Saturday Morning Funnie

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This was us at 5:20am today! PUGGEESH!
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Spilling the beans

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The Honest Scrap Award!
Honesty.. puggease! My new pal Sally tagged me with this honorable award. You have to tell 10 secrets or truths whether they are embarrassing or not.
So, here goes nothing.

#1: Ok I'm usually mistaken for a boy ALOT.. that's until I started wearing Pink Bandanas & brilliant shades of red Lipstick. Who doesn't look like a lady now!
(you've seen the photo)

#2 I am a NR (Nose-rubber). Completely addicted... my nose itches 24/7 - truthfully, the gentle leader is itchy. Give me a good fence, carpet, wall on any building, trees, bushes, grass, I'm ashamed to admit using a pile of wooden planks.. however, the best scratching post is a tall hooman leg! I'll rub up & down, sideways, underneath, inside out...they think I'm getting fresh. Nope. Gotta itch!

#3 My brooklyn accent slips out once & awhile.. how u doen'? fuggeddaboutit! (by accident, really!)

#4 Yep, I'm part Japanese, but what else? Could I be a bit Irish.. blame it on my fondness for 'the drink'. My favorites are glasses of Bailey's Irish Cream and the red vino. Do not leave them unattended, if you know what I mean. Aunt bee found out the hard way. OOps. My bag.

#5 I give the best presents. On my nightly walks, I'll drop a brown present right in front of Aunt bee & Norwood's window. Makes them feel very special.

#6 I pass gas in my reactive dog training class- the entire time! The flatulation actually begins on the car ride there. (uuhh-nerves)

#7 I don't read my peeemail, I lick it. (gross)

#8 There's this fun game I play called Gimme my dinnah or the water dish goes! A big girl gets huuuunGRY after a walkie. When the food isn't coming fast enough, I put my toe toe on the edge of the water dish. Let's just say, Never had to tip it!

#9 Old men scur me! Could be the strange movements, the smells, not quite sure.

I was named after a soda pop. My real name isn't Tula-- it was Shasta. Mom felt the need to rename me with my made-up name, Tula. and then there's the jokes ... I've been called two lips (in reference to my droopy lips), or tulips, or could you pass the tula hoops.. hardy har har. That's alright! Guess it could be worse.

There it is... me, exposed! Now I'm
Passing the Honest Scrap Award to my new furriends:

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck & Rousseau of Tracing Lucies Sky blog

Dakota & Maika of the BubbleGum Dogs blog

Ozzie the Ozmonster of the Ozball blog

Gus, Louie & Callie of the 3 Happy Heelers blog

Happy blogging!

Pee es: Oh wait.. I haven't introduced my long lost cuzin, gin! hehehe (that's not being honest) you have got to see this! Incredible!