A Walkie on a Spring Day

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Camera Critters
WELL... more like this.

Snow melting. Sun shining-- a slizzing 53 degrees outside. A lovely spring day for a walkie.
(i'm behind the scenes right now)


Spring brings out the creatures. Even got to do some tracking of whatever these things were.
Last spring I discovered actual turkey leg or wing bones --chewed up. The following week I found out why-- a family of foxy mamas was living over therah! One of them trailed us around until mom tried the chicken trick to distract the fox. Really, pullleaze-- that didn't work. I showed that foxy mama who was the ticket!

Once we made it to the field- approximately 14 minutes 23 seconds latah.
This happened.

Geesh. Wait, I have to sit-- lay down. The sun is really somethang else today.
Awww the butterfly understood.

Let me get more comfortable.
Huh, what was that?! Then all of a sudden....

Petey Playhouse's ball came rollin' by-- all the way from NYC. Huh? I don't know Petey very well. Why does he think I want to play with his ball.

I mean, thanks.. but I don't want to play with your play now Petey. OK?!! It's hot. I'm hot!
Before long, a red-tailed hawk was circling above me.
(it was much closer than it appears)
Was it so hot I started to cook? the smell of chicken was in the air?
(you are what you eat, right)

No no.. the hawk was making a special delivery from Eric the Square dog.
Check it out.

Yep, i won me one of them red noseys.
Thanks Eric, your the best!

enjoy your day

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Lucia said...

Ciao cara Tula!

Greaaatttt walkies! It looked like you had a pretty swell day in the sun, mia bella amica. Ahhh, spring! Seems like it showed up just in time this year, huh?? (Pawsonally, I don't think I could have coped with one more day of gray and cold. Eeee-nuff, already!)

Tanti baci!

Suzuki said...

Hello there
It's furry nice to meet you :)
I came across your blog through Paw It Forward and thought I would stop by and say Hi. Stop by my blog sometime, I like to make new friends. Also fur all the single pups out there, my brother Scooby has just started his own "business" called Lookin' Fur Love. You can find it on my blog.
Big licks to you

i beati said...

perfect look at spring Sandy

Rhea said...

haha Cute photos! Fun CC share!

Suzuki said...

Hi Tula
Thanks fur stopping by.
Scooby said yes you can put his button on your blog :) I have added you to my friends list so I can stop by more often, I hope thats ok?
Big licks to you

Lucia said...

Ciao bella Tula!

Here I am again! Please stop by my bloggie when you can -- I have a swell award for you!

Tanti baci!


You look like a very big bunny.
Love the nose.

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

Ah, you and spring go together very well! While we love the snow, we're thinking spring is about due. Sorry we haven't been around in a while--though clearly we're in time to enjoy the sun. :)

Thanks for the tag (way back when), we had a lot of fun putting our list together!

Have fun!


Sophie Brador said...

Tula, We just love Akitas! Nice to meet you.


Mango said...

Hey! My momma said that the westbound traffic was stopped on Rt. 9 yesterday for some dumb turkey crossing the road. Those things are even dumber than me.

Its still cold!