So Long Winter walkies

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Hi bloggiepals,

before woo say So Long Winter! 
i wanted to share some last winter walkies photos.

woo see, Nordude lives right around the corner 
from the TM estate and we meet up fur
walkies all the time.

no matter how many gazillions times we've done this,
he still goes into supah coocoo excited nutty mode 
when he sees me.

well actually FAD. cuz she has cookies in
her pocket.

 but he has to get past me furst!

then we have to be sure to stop by the 
neighborhood baseball field 
to release his nutties.

nope not me.. i'm not going out there in the
knee deep snowballs.

okay this is taking entirely too long

bor- ring!

so that was a few weeks ago...
it's now in the 50s & toola hot fur me already!
time to put in a request for the AC unit installation
 in my room...

Happy Saturday,

Click & treat