goodbye furriend. hello little monstah.

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hi bloggie pals,

well i have both bad news & good news.

see a couple of weeks ago, 
my next-door neighbor Zoey, the yellow lab
crossed over the rainbow bridge.

it was all unexpected, but she was older
and had lived a furry good life.

when i moved in next door about 2 years ago, we quickly
developed a fence grr grr kind-of-relationship.
every day.. we'd meet at the fence..
Grr grr grrr!
now i go to the fence.. and nothing.
i wait and wait. and no Zoey. 
so sad.

that was until i saw this.
did Zoey shrink?  lookie how little she is...
come to find out, a new neighbor moved in!

meet Olivia!
she's a wee 6 weeks old 
and does all that wiggly cute puppy stuff.

don't worry, i told her i tula MONSTAH rule this hood.
but she totally ignored me.

then i was scolded!
and told to BE NICE TULA!!
geesh.. i'll try. but she better not 
even think about taking over 
MY bloggie, MY facebook wall, or My instagram feed.
as if!

Hope woo enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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