down by the river

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Good news every bloggie-- my Control Unleashed class is ovah which=
no more morning workouts! Yipee Yahoo!
Scoobie Doobie Doobie.
i now take leisurely strolls down by the river.
First things first, comtemplating jumping from the bridge. no no.. ... just taking a lookie to see who's awake out therah!
nope. only the Minnesota statebird is out.. those pesky mosquitoes!
don't they know this is Massachewsits.

hold up.. i know that sound when i hear it...you know, the quack quack quack. those darn duckies are back. they can't stay away from my bloggie. can they?!!
aww.. perfect. peace & quiet. and reflections.

i love spending my morning with mother nature.
have to head back home to begin my morning naptime.

exhale- Fridays herah!

kiss kisses,

special bark out to Kimberly, a new bloggie pal
thanks for visiting !

and BRUCE-- help! your buddy came to visit too.

Click & treat


Bruce said...

Hi Tula...love your video cuz it's not only beautiful but it's full of animal sounds. We could have so much fun exploring together so you've got to find a way to LOSE THAT LEASH! Thanks for the lizard. He's so cute I probably wouldn't even try to eat his tail. Hope you have a nice weekend!
your cat buddy,

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I remember a trip we took to Vermont and New Hampshire years ago ... the mosquitoes there just laughed at the repellent we slathered on ourselves.

T said...

Hi Tula,
Congrats on class being over. Hooray!!

Your video is so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing that, I really enjoyed all the wonderful sounds.

Agatha and Archie said...

Well Archie is ROLLING on the floor laughing...why you might ask?? Well we were all peacefull and calm watching your nature movie and them BLAM there was your nose..Actually PL2 is chuckling alittle as well You are sooo cute..... Love A+A guess which click and treat Archie picked at the top of your blog??


hi tula
I cant see anything with your big rabbit ears in the way!
What is goi g on with u and ducks? That's quazy.

Eric said...

Tula, wohooo I'm wagging your class is over. And the vide - what a beautiful place. Yep it's the perfect backdrop for you and your nose.

Ducks leave dogalicious poopie presents don't forget,granted a little small but better than mosquitoes!

Wiry love and kissies, Eric xxxx

Maggie and Mitch said...

We loved your video! Mom says it's so peaceful and serene! Okay, mom - whatever you say!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch