eYewatch Friday

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eyewatch friday

i luv eyewatch friday.
norwood got this catchy trend started last week.

it's perfect b/c everyone & anything have eyes, right?!!

so..i must say it was an eye opener (hahaha) to see who goes eye 2 eye with me on my walkies.
and if i'm not mistaken, those are what you call the stink eye!

happy freyeday!

Click & treat


Luna ( from Brazil ) said...

hello dear tula!
many thanks for so nice visit in my blog!
You are so cute and your blog is really amazing!
ConCATulations and have a great weekend !
purrs, peace and love always ! ;-)
Luna(from Brazil)



U got the stink eye? I'll have to get those photos for my game.

BTW I gave u the stick eye!

Bruce said...

Tula...I think we need to start a "tongue tuesday" for you cuz you're the queen of the tongues! Nobody in the whole world has a tongue as good as yours!
your cat pal,

Sharon said...

Hi Tula...like Bruce, I just can't get past your tongue to see your eyes! So many beautiful ripples & ridges...so expressive...so PINK! But, I do love your eyes too because they are the kind that can see right into a person's soul. You doggies have that ability. You can tell a good guy from a bad guy with just one quick glance.
Keep Dee out of trouble now that she's out of school for the summer, but have some fun too!
your friend,

Anya said...

Hi Tula
Great post,
lovely shot from you,
we love it !!
many hugs
Kareltje =^.^=

Eric said...

Happy eyeday. Did you give the mooey a cookie? Played your cards right next time you could have milk to go with them...

Wiry wags n kissies, Eric xx

Bruce said...

Good morning Tula...you've just been tagged in a fun game. You'll have to come over to my place to see what you have to do.
Have a good day!
your cat pal,

Agatha and Archie said...

HAHA !! What a good song!! Tula you are not late!! You sent us a worm singing birthday card that Archie wanted to put in his crate but couldn't figure our how( don't ask, it's Arch) WE LOVE YOU!! Love A+A