Escape from Dogdom

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Finally... an escape from dogdom! We're even going somewhere-- a much needed change of scenery.

Where did we pahk the cah? (eesh--boston accent) OMD I luv the cah! Windows down, wind in my furdoo, the hairy backseat to MYself. When gggrrrr... there goes a biker.....wroo wroo wro.. people walking.. rah rah.. a DOG!

And the window goes up. After a few cah adventures like that, I was introduced to good ole mistah seatbelt! Come on, is this necessary. Guess it's bettah than glue...Doesn't stop me from being a backseat drivah though.

kiss kisses,
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Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Such an eventful ride! You must have had so much fun Tulagirl! Our momma threatens us with the seatbelt too, but so far she's been too lazy to follow through. When she does I'll still bark at random things. I like to be unpredictable with my vocals! he he.
love, BabyRocketDog

Hi Tula, I don't usually bark at anything other than BabyRD. Sometimes she does instigate a barking jag in the car though.

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

Lucky you!! We wicked love the cah, but been housebound fuh-evah! :) We'll enjoy the change of scenery vicariously thru you! Woo hoo!



Hey Tula
I think you barked at us a few times..
It's about time you get out! I still wanna play