Merry Xmas wishes to woo!

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hi bloggie pals,

Yep, still a lot of shenanigans happening with my cuzin, Nordude.
Woo'll see fur yourself in these videos.
(geesh, iphones come in handy!)

So, in this one we're minding our own bidnez..
on our usual morning walkies..when umm
the snow removal team comes toola close
for comfort! They take snow removal furry seriously!

And then in this one.. Nordude goes
all coocoobirds during his Santa photo shoot.
(Psst.. Santa didn't know that he tried to steal his sandwich
in the backroom)

Here's our furriend Frosty.. whose days were
numbered.. .. luckily it was a quick melt.
2 days tops!

And this last photo was an attempt to make me 
a... REINDEER! As if!

So now woo are all caught up~
but i wanted to be sure to wish woo all 
a Furry Merry Xmas!

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