Say Hello to my Little Furriend!

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hi bloggie pals,

Hold onto your seats.. woo won't believe this one!

Those four straight years of reactive dog training, inclusion training,
walkies and ehhemmedication sometimes pays off!

What do i mean?  Well usually on a walkies, if i see 
another dog, i go coo coo.  Spinning, lunging,
grr ggrrrrringlipper & hackle puffers and a big scene 
no matter the distance.

However, there are a few doggies that get a pass!
Like this little dude from the park...
i've met him before like a year or so ago. 
He will follow me around
if i don't say anything..
nothing's changed.

woo'll see.

In fact, this was perfect timing with Nordude
being away on his dogvacayi needed a chomp pal.

To catch the 
entire movie Click Here
Bring your pupcorn!

Happy Weekend to all.


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