we'll miss woo mango

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oh no bloggie pals,

our dear massachewsits pal,
 Mango has left us.
way too soon.

he was special to me b/c he was my only other pal -
along with
 Nordude who is my cuzin.

i wanted to share some of our bestest times
in honor of our relentlessly huge friend.

This is when i first moved into the TM estate.
i invited mango and nordude ovah 
for howliday pawtee!

(my intense staring was only due to him exposing his crayon-
it was so NOT that kinduv pawtee!)

it got a little ridiculous.
(nordude passed out)

me and mango also had a supervised date
by paul the trainer dude.

he thought it was best if we started from a distance.

but mango was determined to shimmied closer and closer
howling his version of a lovie song.

until this floozy came into the picture.
then it was like.. tula who? as if!

me, mango and nordude had mandatory
doggie grad skool on saturdays...

to learn what?  recalls, weaving in & out of poles,
jumping through hoops.. all while avoiding 
other doggies. why?!

wow he's a seasoned pro!
can we see that again...
this time in slow motion?!

but i knew that if Mango could do it!

then i could do it!

nordude was like huh? what?
what is the problem?!

and you've might have 
seen our music walkies video
when we visited the Mango estate.

i wanted to leave woo with my favorite 
photo of mango- it shows his
relentlessly HUGE size 
and we know he has RH spirit too.

we'll miss woo mango..
thanks fur all the wonderful memories
and fur being my furriend.

run & bouncy free,

Click & treat