what.. there's funballs in the living room?

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hi bloggie pals,

i have to fill woo in on something 
that's new & surprising around here.

see, this is the living room that has a beautiful akita
oops, new white rug with indigo circles.

being all squared shaped and all, it provides extra inches 
of rug covering the hardwood floors-and plenty of
room for a large girl like myself to rest.

But see, the other new & surprising part is that
i  would nevah go into the living room.
nevah evah!

FAD thinks it a result of two things.
One is the new larger rug.
Two is Nordude!

yep this guy! 
he makes efurrything fun. 
Funballs is his middle name.

for example, here we were casing out an ATM machine
begging fur more moneyballs. fun fun fun!

what does he have to do with the living room?
well, FAD felt bad fur him being kept up in jail while
his mommie has been traveling all ovah without him.
So she sprung him early from the clinker
and brought him to the TM estate.

She kept us separate (him in the living room and closing the door to my side)
as her management strategy
to avoid any space- possessiveness incidents.
I saw her bring him a whole bowl of foodies,
a frozen yogurt cup,
a soup bone,
and this and that.
all while closing the door to my side of the house.
what in the world was going on in there?!!
am i missing out?

now look at me. that's where woo'll find me.
looking fur me? yep, i'm in the living room.
bring in the pawty!


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