Enter at your own risk

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggie pals,

here's a quick photo of how i greet people at the door.

dare to come in?

who needs a sekurity system,
i even come wireless!

just sayin.
happy monday!


HEAT wAve!

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggie pals,
 A heat wave struck Massachewsits last week..
ok fur AN entire day! 
 temperatures reached a sweltering 70F!!
(ask mango- his brains almost overbaked on his deck)

it is making the walkies in the hood a little more colorful.

mmmm.. this bush smells so pretty.

with a little less walkies ..
a little more Break time!
(yep, nothing like plopping right down
in the middle of the sidewalk )

sooo. i'll catch up with ya in a bit.!

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happy monday,


as if!

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Smiley from millan.net hi bloggie pals,

on the weekends, i usually get to go along on ROTES.
ok, i don't mind.. waiting and waiting a gazillion hours
in the car as long as there is something
in the packages fur me!
only fair, right?

that was until this...
hold up!
would ya take a look at this?!
ummm.. something's not right here.
does this happen to any of woo?!
or is just me?!!

THEN fAD came back with this stuff.
that is SO not a bone or cookie.

let's just say
i'm doing it ALLLLL wrong.

Happy Mondays DWB!


Wordless Wednesday: woo had your chance

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(well, kinduv wordless)
scenes from meatballa monday!
first step: open the can of meatballas
second step: stab one with a fork. pick the juiciest one.
oops. woo missed your chance. 
toola late now!

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nope i won't do it...still

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hi bloggie pals,

okay, thought i'd show woo how i conquered 
the scurriest thing about my new estate!

gulp- NOT!

when i furst moved in.
what?! no cushy carpeting!
 but my monstah toe toes will slip
on the wooden floors & then what?!

take a look: flashback to Octobah
with Norwood's post - tula's house of horrors

 and this is me today!
nope i won't do it..
not crossing ovah to the land of scurry wood planks.

i'll just wait ovah here in the safety zone
until you're done watching the boobtube or done
doing that yoga dog down
stuff that woo so learned from me!

 then it's cookie time! that's all i really wanted.

my bean found this cartoon & actually laughed
saying that's woo Tula!

yah well, i still have my furry own igloo room.
that's mine all mine!
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Happy Saturday!


iditawalk challenge update & my trainer

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hi bloggie pals,
Smiley from millan.net
many of woo know i'm on a strict  fitness plan
with Nordude as my trainer.
he's got me up & moving blurry fast on the weekends..

but why stop there?
he insisted i sign up for the great IDITAWALK CHALLENGE.

the challenge is to simply walk 30 minutes a day for 35 days 
between February 1, 2011 to March 31, 2011 
for a total of 1049 minutes (not miles)

my latest minute update:
da da dah duuuh!
2370 minutes
101.65 miles 
in February! 
 (pee es: supposedly that's = to nomming 100 donuts!)

FAD & @tulamonstah

just call me a walking fool!
in snow, sleet, sun, rainballs.. nothing can stop me.
Here's some actual footage from last sunday.
woo'll see he's not the most professional trainerdude.
(yep, it snowed AGAIN for the kazillionth time...)

here we are heading out on our walkies.
Nordude gets nutty off leashtime-- 
but he's really interested to see if FAD brought her
bag of cookies & chicken. 
Geesh what kinduv trainer is that!

then at the end of the walkies, Ch Ching!
woo bet, cookies when we get back to the car!
(nothing like a delicious incentive!)
YES! What woo see is Nordude trainer darts ahead thinking
he gets his furst. uhhhh..NOT!

now that i think about it.. 
maybe i should look into another trainer?
he seems to want special privileges.
 And did woo see him SCREAM Like a Girl (blog post)
when all i was trying to do is his supah turbo zoomie workout at the end.
he acted like i had hot dogs in my eyes.
what a girl! Geesh As if!

anywoos, sorry if i haven't visited in awhile.
many new pals have stopped by my bloggie &
i PROMISE to visit soon..

but that's b/cuz i've been  walkin'. 
yes in deed. (woo know the song)

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