Wordless Wednesdays: Where's tula?

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can woo believe i'm sometimes hard to see?

stay kool,
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a monstah of a week!

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Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.nethi bloggiepals,

 last nite, finally got the news efurrybody has been
waiting..and waiting for--
ROCKY has been SAVED!!!!
(get the 411 on Khyra's blog)

mom woke me up from my usual coma to tell me.
then, i had to go see that runaway rocky fur myself.

let's show all those beans who nevah gave up on woo a thank you-
the only way akitas know how-- boogie!

my wagger can't stop wigging. So happy it ended well.
not to mention, this definitely makes up for last week.

i mean, Rocky was missing. and
i had to visit my vet.
it was time to recheck my thyroid levels and my weight
after taking levothyroxine for a month.

(akitas are prone to hypothyroid- can effect behavior, energy-hyperactive or lethargy,
weight problems, and possible seizures.)
(oh no.. pleaze no ant-eater photos..
this is embarrassing)

why? why? then i won't look.
even more embarrassing!.. announcing my weight
at my last appointment,the scales were off by 10 lbs.
(not really my fault)

ok tula, today your weight is
- 4 lbs!
you now weigh 110 lbs.
play bow, play bow! thank you, thank you!
i'd like to thank my foodmanager and my bottle of purple pills-

next up, the vet tech lady pulls out dreaded needle. gulp. this is nevah pretty.
mom positions me right against the wall, holds onto my collar & feeds me.
the vet tech lady goes right at me, yanks my back leg, poke poke poke- grr grr grr.

she poked around for like a kazillion years. nothing! dry! nada!
 What? she had the nerve to ask if she could go for my jugular.
um...mom didn't think that was the best idear.
the expert, the real vet was called in and got the job done. 
they both were furry nice and told mom i'm not the worse patient.
awww.. really?!

anywoo, wanted to let you know- I survived! I'm ok.
the meds did their trick- my thyroid levels are in the normal range.
(no noticeable differences in lethargy or behavior, just weight-loss)

after the torture, a stop at one of my favorite parks was a must.
with the temperatures rising to 90+, i quickly found my way to the coolest spot
in the gazebo.
 and practiced producing mango-sized slobberz.
how's this?
 still growing.. lookie, it might touch the ground!
can't wait to show Mango at our next grad skool class.

(if i can get him to stop staring at my muscle butt & look at my face.) 

he has been in our last two classes- singing, sudzing,
and mostly trying to replace Norwood as the teacher's pet.

(read all about on his bloggie)

all's good again.
stay cool,



Ze portraits by my catpal, BTC

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Smiley from millan.net
hi bloggiepals,
my good catpal, Bruce the Cat was in town for my birfday.

he was meowing all about this art class he's been taking..
while Sharon & Kevin have been busy traveling for car races lately.
he thought..how do you say... i had the pawfect elements for a portrait!
well, thank you bruce!

looks like he's got some talents under those claws... 
check it out.

i think this one should be titled: 'monstah mug!'
with the artistic stylings of Francis Bacon.

and for my second piece, 
i feel it saying 'ARRR' to moi!

scratch scratch, i must say ze Claude Monet techniques
really bring out her toofers.

ok, sometimes i do my best work upside down!
with ze oil paintz... and a glass of vino...

hold still tula, not finished avec your big ole schnozz!

 my instructor wantz me to scritch a piece
catching tula in her all naturalnezz.

i will call ze one,
'the tula den'

 after awhile.. there's only so many pieces 
one can do using the same model.

could i have a fresh model??!!
Pawfect for my Picasso!

and that's a wrap pour LUNCH!

(for those iphone/ipad app addicts: artcamera 
and strip designer apps were used)



yOu'Re aLL iNviTed! iT's mY birfDay!

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Smiley from millan.nethey bloggiepals!

 i turned five... it's my birfday!
(well, really on Thursday)

put your swimsuit on.
it's my birfday! 

grab a gift!
(i like cookies. alot. just sayin')
it's my birfday!


beep beep!
hop in..
cuz we're gon' partee like it's my birfday!

Let's see, who are we picking up ...
leave a comment & add onto the bday partee happenings!

i'll start:
the birfday girl makes a grand entrance at the partee.
with her best cakehat evah!
now where did everybody go?

Smiley from millan.net


Khatch it 4 Khyra (Lady MFT)

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Millan.nethi bloggiepals,

sorry for being MIA in the DWB lately. hard to get good help these dayz to keep up with my latest bloggings. geesh. let's just say, good thing she maintains a full stock of treaties for me. (or i'd have to move into my cuzin's, he's um.. spoiled.) 
not a sekret.

Ok, so one of my bestest pals, Stumpy way out therah in Dirtville decided to have a kontest for another hussie, i mean husky pal, Miss Floofie Tail herself, Khyra. See Khyra and her mom spend kountless hours helping to transport all kinds of reskue pups.

if it wasn't for peeps like her..
many of the most woonderful doggies would nevah make it to 
their forevah homes.

this is where the Khatch it 4 ME kontest khomes in. (khyra lingo)

Stumpy wanted to PAW it FORWARD and donated a $50 gas card
in the name of the doggie who khould khatch the most treaties for Khyra!

thought i'd share my entry.

ok, so it was dark.. and very very late... and i needed a warmup. or a nap...
anywooo, the winnah was WYATT with 25 cheese catches! 
Wooooot Woot! 
(note to mom- next time cheese use cheese!)

Being a great khontest hostess, Stumpy says everyone's a winnah
and is making efurryone a batch of peanut butter, pumpkin, banana kookies!
that's what I'm talking about- 

MWUAH Stumpy!

Happy Bday to my grandpappy! 
he's a furry old Milwaukee man-- 
cheers him with a Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Look he started celebrating already!
(must run in the family)

Happy Sunday,
go celtics! Beat LA!


Wordless Wednesdays: must find shade

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ok, could I get a paw pulleaze?

Happy WW bloggiepals!