Wordless Wednesday: beam me up scottie

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ya gotta catch me first!

Smiley from millan.net
 the Mango Minster is in full swing.. if you haven't seen the pre-show entertainment

go check out

 the antics don't stop there.. more to come with the Hard Workin' Group.
Let's just say someone HUGE is taking advantage while we're at the Estate.

Stay tuned..

Happy WWday!


tula cartoons: dreaming

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hi bloggiepals, 
Bruce the cat told me it was time to get my head outta the snow. bruce is right.. he's always right. that's why he's such a great pal! anywroo.. trying my paw at animations. let me present my first production entitled: Dreaming of..

but don't blink or you'll miss it!

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you get the idear..
stay tuned for Mango Minster Madness with the Working Group.
Coming Soon!

In the meantime,

 Go Vikings! 
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Wordless Wednesday:facewash!

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Challenger: Cow Hoof

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hi bloggiepals,

Ding Ding..in this corner we have me,  Tula the MONSTAH and in the other corner, meet my challenger, a Cow Hoof! This is our first bout.. should be an interesting outcome. but.. hint hint, put your money on me! i have big toofers. Get your popcorn ready & take a seat.. herah we go!

The winnah is THE COW HOOF...
don't plan on a rematch either--
his breadbasket punches hit me hard for the next two days- yikes! 
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the Mango Minster DWB dog show is coming soon- 
send in your entries today!

sorry if i haven't visited your bloggies in awhile.
it's not my fault. really. 




Wordless Wednesday (late)

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Bark out 2 my bloggiepals with the BEST foofers:
Khyra, Juno, OP pack & the Thundering-herd

this foofs for you!

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Training Blog #11: Graduation

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dog42.gif (GIF Image, 31x30 pixels)-1-3-2-1

Smiley from millan.netbloggiepals: you won't believe this one.. sit down. after two + LOooooooonG years, my instructor officially graduated MOI from Ruffians Class!

I graduated I graduated!

wait, there's more!

he says i'm ready for Good Dog 201 Class with all the other regular doggies. Guess who's going to be in my class... none other than my goofball cuzin, NORWOOD! Yeppers.. i'm suppose to learn from that goofy tennessee boy.
does this involve frogs?! Smiley from millan.net

before or after?? who knows..doesn't mattah, i graduated!
stay tuned.. Good Dog 201 starts on Saturday.


Calling the Hard Workin' Doggies.. send your photos into the Mango Minster 2010.
I am judging & wanted to let you know how mucho i luvo the cookie!

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hi bloggiepals,

yeppers, got a peemail (eeuuu) from THE MANGO himself.. wasn't sure what it said at first. well, let's say-- he needs a little 'tutoring' on his writing skills.

at first, i thought he wanted me ovah for a booty call-- he kept talking about my muscle butt & how it made his eyes googly just looking at it.. but, it turned out he wanted me to judge the other muscle butts- well, really Working Dogs in the ELITE MANGO MINSTER 2010 DWB dog show.

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Working dogs.. hUh.. me? know about work.. has he seen my bloggie?! well if taking 10 hour nappers count & i will sit for a treatie qualifies me as an expert... okay. exhausted already... yawn.

mm banner judge

Wroo woot woot! i am furry honored to be a judge.
visit his bloggie to get the 411!

now for Norwood's eYewatch friday.
oh, wag by his bloggie too..


okay. have a good one!

Happy Happy Friday!


Saturday Morning Funnie: Class Cancelled!

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