Wordless Wednesday: all in a day

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this one goes out 2 my cat pals-- ROAR!


Training Blog #10: insiders edition

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Hi bloggie pals,

Quick update on my Ruffians Class..bow bow, i'm doing furry GOOD! WOOT WOOT! No longer the ruffianest doggie in the class. Whew- a white GSD, Velcro took my title (& its been a good two years).

In fact, Paul my instructor called me a superstar (huh? what? who me?) and wants me to demonstrate how thangs are done.
So, thought i'd take advantage of my new status & give my bloggiepals a sneak peek into the life of rowdy doggie class. shh... this is priviledged information.

take a quick look see:

Paul often pairs me up with this guy.. Baxter. Ignore the terrified look on his face. His mommie is trying to put that gentle leader loop thingy on his snooter again. then all of a sudden he doesn't move, blink, wag...hello, anyone in therah??

never seen anything like it!

Come on' silly, we're not playing frozen tag.

this photo shows the classroom setup.
we each have our own station area with gates inbetween.

there is also an additional hookup on the wall... you know,
just in case someone gets a little outta hand.

that's paris, a labradudette. i think she's in the class b/c of her extra labradorkiness.
(no offense)

sometimes Paul likes to talk to the beans .. ALOT. Blah blah blah blah.. halloween decorations...blah blaah blah... real world ...blah blahh.. use your find it....blah blah..muzzles..people negative...your choice...

mom got a question right & this big jar of yummies was heading right towards me.
All i heard was No NO NO tula it's not for you.

see.. paying very close attention..to every move Paul makes.. and i see Daisy, another labradudette isn't paying attention.. just looking at her mommie. yoo hoo Baxter, eyes on Paul plz. (heard some whispering: tula's a goodie two shoes, teacher's pet, know- it- all)

Oh, MWUAHH to Eric the Square dog.. on his last DWB trip to the US, he brought me this tres pretty banana-oops i mean, bandana. (blush blush)

All this good behavior makes a girl sleepytimes (or is it the meds).
must take a nap..

Happy Sunday Sunday!

*Family Dog Training Center located on Main St. Hudson, MA (close to Sudbury)


Wordless Wednesdays: hit snooze

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... more fall photos (hit snooze until the next post)

GoAnimate.com: autumn intermission by tula

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

Snapshots: weirdos of the corn

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hi bloggiepals,

the cooler weather is fALLabulous! -- got more pep in my step. so.. i spent all afternoon running errands (not mine) and got to sniff out a new spot. found a lake with trails through cornfields to a place where people fly their remote controlled airplanes. Ok ok.. it was behind the State Mental Hospital in Westborough, Mass. but i figured, you're bound to run into weirdos (no offense) anywhere...

well, i did. check it out!

some little rodent chowing on corn kept telling me to go to the cornfield.
this way to the cornfield.
as if i had corn in my ears.. i can see the sign.

alright straight ahead.

now what? a orange round thang came out of no wherah! all jolly & stuff, throwing leaves at me. and he wants me to follow him.... ok.

ohh. this is a nice place! I was even greeted by mistah ear of corn himself.
wonder how he tastes? (bet maggie & mitch know)

before i could sink my toofers into that guy, this dude scurd him away! he told me to move it along.. this was his cornfield. then i think he left a present on my head.

not nice, not nice at all...

well. he took off like a bat outta (insert HBO word). fine by me...

next, all i could hear was a tiny chatter chatter chatter, hee hee he coming from somewherah. ummm.. maybe i'm losing it.

At last, these goofballs pointed me in the right direction- back to the car.
whew! felt like i was barking up the wrong tree for a while there.

Happy Sunday!

remembering cute little Jazze, mom's first akita/chow...
she would have been a birfday girl 2day! woot woot!


cookies, luv & being sassy

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Wroo woo bloggiepals..

Just call me Tula 'the always late' Monstah--
I received these furry special awards awhile ago from my bestest bloggiepals. MWUAAAAH go out to Bruce the Cat, Dennis the Vizsla, and the Relentlessly Huge one, Mango! This all makes me blush:>

This first award was from my dear catpal, BRUCE.

Okay so here are the rules to this award:

When accepting this award you must blog about the food you have stolen when your humans were not watching. You can accept this yummy trap of cookies as your reward! Next, add the award logo to your blog, then nominate at least 5 other furry blogs.

first, mmmm.. cookies. this seems like a some kinduv trick into a confession.. ok, i'll do it.

You might be surprized to know, that although i'm rowdy outside, inside is a whooooooole nother story. There's just one time, when i stole a hooman foodie. Mom grilled up a chile-lime tortilla with melted ooey, gooey extra sharp cheddar & parmesan cheeses (she's from Wisconsin- LUVS cheese) Which makes matters worse..

I snatched it off the counter while she was getting ready for work. OOps. that wasn't for me?! But, because it was my first week living with her- FREEBIE. Really, from then on, i haven't stolen.. wait, there was Aunt Bee's vino & her glass of bailey's. That's it - honest!

Next, Dennis the Vizsla gave me this wonderful Award!

Here are the rules:

- put the award on your blog

- shout out 2 the Purple Hatter, ze award-maker
- share a photo of how you've shared sum luvins

- give the award to 5 more bloggie buddies

When it comes to luv, you'll see i don't discriminate!

Thanks D 2 the V!

Passing this award to: Bruce the Cat, Khrya's Khorner, Brownie, Norwood, & Stumpy

I know these bloggiepals have alotta LUV 2 share!

My last award was given to me by Mango. oh yeah!
Guess he thinks i'm a sassy girl.. (i'd like to think of it as being from Brooklyn!)

This award goes to Samantha.. Bell's new sister.
She's got a smidge of Akita in her.. so she's gotta be sassy or will be.

Go check her out!

Off 2 wag by bloggies 2 day-
a big shout out -Wroo Wroo Christopher Columbus!

Mom has the day off--