A Gentle Ben Rescue Story

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(Emergency Animal Rescue Service)

A Must -Share email from the United Animal Nations about Gentle Ben, a 10 yr old blind Akita who stole everyone's hearts. (doesn't surprise me, he put the akita luv on them).

EARS volunteers give animals liberated from Arkansas puppy mill a new start

On March 23, ten EARS volunteers traveled to the small town of Paris, Arkansas, to help shelter what was expected to be 300 small-breed dogs removed from a puppy mill. However, they soon discovered that the sprawling 80-acre property housed not only dogs but cats, turtles, birds, miniature horses and a full-size horse!

In true EARS fashion, the volunteers took it all in stride and did an outstanding job of caring for the animals. In just four days, 360 animals were rescued, sheltered and transferred to new locations to start their lives over.

One dog in particular, named Gentle Ben, touched every volunteer's heart. According to EARS Regional Director Diann Wellman, “Ben is a ten-year-old, blind, BIG Akita who is one of the most gentle souls I have ever met. Because he lived for ten years confined to a very small enclosure and is unable to see the world clearly, he relishes every new thing.”

Ben has since made an incredible 1,200-mile journey from Arkansas to New Jersey and is now happily settled into his new foster home.

Continue to our Emergency Response Blog to read all about
Gentle Ben’s road trip >> http://ga4.org/ct/qdND_yS1s4a6/arkansas

These are THE best stories. THANK YOU EARS!
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Way to go for rescued akitas! See- akitas are very sweet.

T said...

Oh boy,

Thank you so very much for sharing Gentle Ben's story. I am so so so happy he was rescued, and all the others too.

What a very sweet soul Gentle Ben is, and Handsome too. But we all know Akita's are very special, don't we Tula!

I read through your blog, and just love it, you have a very special soul too, and a great family to care so much for you.

Sally said...

Tula - thanks for telling us about the Akita - we always like happy endings. We like happy beginnings and middles too - but we will take Happy Endings. We are sorry the Resue couldn't help him see - Paddy was 'lucky' because they found him in time to save some sight in one eye.
We will keep track of Ben's Story - but we know that Akitas are really just big softies at heart - we met a Rescue Akita at our Vets - and Paddy knew you guys are sweet - because he ran over and gave him a big sniff and a kiss!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Noah the Airedale said...

Hi Tula
Thanks so much for sharing Ben's story. We're so glad he has found a new home with a loving family. It's horrible what some animals have to go through. It's not fair.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Maggie and Mitch said...

Gentle Ben is such a handsome boy! We are so happy to know that he has his forever loving home!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

What a story & he's sooo handsome! It's such a pity he spent all his 10 years of life in a confined place. I am glad he's rescued & he must be having one heck of a life now!

Solid Gold Dancer