A CAT... as if!

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Hi bloggie pals,

I was checking out my Google Photos app to see what creations they came up with for my photos when I noticed this!! 

They categories me as a 😸CAT! Yup there are other photos of kitties and more of me sleeping and yawning!

Ok. What up with that?!

(Seager was categorized under dogs- geesh)

Here's a few others by Google:
Seager signed for his new home just up the street from me- meaning quick cookie drop off  distance!

Flat Seager

Me exercising during the summer😁

Me meeting the little fool for the first or maybe second time! He bends his wiggly body over to put a smooch on my nose😘

So go if you upload photos to your Googly account and use the Google Photo app- check out your creations & if you're a kittah too!
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