Up to our Eyeballs in Snowballs

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hi bloggie pals,

like most of the country, we here in Masterchewsits 
have been up to our eyeballs in snowballs!

let me show woo what i mean..
 put on your snow gear cuz we're venturing outside!

Ok, Ready?

(the story is told in animated gif style- thanks to
google who automatically creates these images for woo)

Weather doesn't stop Nordude from visiting..

he didn't know i was watching the whole time!

and then he just comes right in!
at least knock first pulleze.

we immediately head out to the backyard for
snow zoomie funballs

check him out ..thinking he's somethang in his orange booties

and he gets supah excited.
geesh that's just your mommie.

i get totally bored with it all and head back in!

meanwhile.. nice old man neighbor bernie 
is snow blowing my sidewalkies!

great timing because we're headed out 
to scope out the hood right now!

 yep it's pretty much white out conditions!
advise to stay inside!

hmm now which way is home?


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