Umm... apology pulleaze!

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hi bloggie pals,

see it all started several weeks ago 
when I posted this photo
on twitter.

yep, woo read Nordude's tweets right- 
he flat out called me a rollee pollee!
I did go on a green bean diet and changed 
my foodies to Buffalo Blue.
But then, ok this part is ewww gross.
there were wiggly white rice thingys in my poop.

 luckily my poop only had to go to the vet-NOT ME.
(mind woo, FAD drove it 45 minutes on her
MLK holiday when she'd rather do something else)
she watched this dancing flower thingy fur 30 minutes
waiting fur the results and listened to the receptionist
tell her computer how much she hated it.

When the results were in- turned out I had Giardia 
explaining my gas, diarrhea and rollee pollee belly!
As soon as I tweeted, my good pals, Peppy Sheppys
called fur an apology from Nordude right away-
on Jan. 16th!
Guess what?
NO tweet back.. no apology. 
 i know he can read!
as if!

in the words of bartle & james,
thanx fur your support.

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