Snapshots of New Year's Day

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Snapshots of New Year's Day
The -15 windchill didn't stop me from goofing around on the first day of 2009!
Snapshot #1: me shaking the chill off
Snapshot #2: me posing
Snapshot #3: a gigantic shadow of my mom
Snapshot #4: me licking my mom's glove (she has chicken!)
Snapshot #5: i keep hearing 'tula, come' Now what?! oh.. there's chicken involved, ok.
Snapshot #6: what's this thing?

Exhale... cold, but alot of fun!

Wait, I almost forgot --snow gives me the ZOOMIES!

See for yourself.

This is when it started.


getting rowddddy!!

sniff sniff sniff- distracted from zoomies

i'm done.

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Hi Tula-

Wow you match the snow! You sure have a nose for the camera! Did u make a snow angel? Oh that's right... you are the snow angel.

from your favorite goofball

Technodoll said...

We LOOOVE your photos Tula! Awe! We get the zoomies too, specially in the snow or on a sandy beach... mmmmm snow - bring it ON!

Happy New Year from the akitas xoxo

Bob and Nicky said...

Hi Diane & Tula

Sure like to see Tula play in the snow.. she sure is having fun. What did you do today? Shovel snow? Love Mom

Bob and Nicky said...

Hi Diane & Tula

What do you know.. my comment went thru. Have to tell Dad.. maybe he will try now.
Enjoy the snow with Tula. Love Mom