my morning walkies

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hi bloggie pals,

it's a beautiful morning
and like always, i headed out
fur my walkies bright & early.

so on the weekends, my walkies
are extended to a 3+ miler route 
and kinduv winds around different streets.
(woo know, just to mix it up a bit.)

we turn down this one street 
& i kept getting this feeling like
something was sturring at me.

i tried to shake it off..
then FAD kept saying, look tula
there's a kitty!

huh? where?

pfft. i would know if there was
a kitty around... pulleaze.

howevah, there wasn't only one set of
coo coo kitty eyes on me. 
Can woo find the other ones?

enough of that..
but would you know, 
once i started turning into my driveway
guess who was right behind me?!

this dude

here's a closer look 
(before the grr morning grr-eeting)

that's was exciting!
now i'm really ready fur a napballs...

except.. he followed me into my backyard too!

pee sess:  woo might notice my face is getting grayer & grayer
and the mandatory long string attached to me is
so i can be janked away from fence fighting 
with the neighbors- geesh! 
supposedly the management says it's not allowed-
ruin all the funballs!

ok, it's really time fur a napballs.

happy saturday!