nothing can disturb my napballs- not even the T-HERD!

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hi bloggie pals,

i take my morning napballs 
furry seriously!

so serious that 
not even a freight train 
zooming through my estate
could wakies me.

or a cookie in front of my nose
(ok, maybe that one)

or even cheesewiz or frankie's shenanigs
from the T-herd can wakies me.

check it out!

(link 2 video on youtube)

go ahead.. give it your best shot! 
wocka wocka!

while woo's at it,
 i could really use a paw massagies.



don't adjust your set

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hi bloggie pals,

nope don't adjust your set-
we're going old skool- totally black & white.

tune your channel and
take a look at my funballs this past week.

on our walkies.. 
a little woodpecker caught my attention.
 and nordude's too! 
(or is he looking at FAD's chicken pouch?)
50 degree temps meant off 
to my favorite Stow Town Beach..
i stepped in as the lifeguard.
wait. is that a distressed swimmer already?
psfft.. nope. just nordude getting in trouble 
with his mommie.
 ok..drink break.
 and pawdicure. much needed.
(don't look too closely)
and that wraps it up.
sometimes you don't need color 
to make you happy! 



the chomp zone

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hi bloggie pals,

welcome to the chomp zone..
where weekend chomping is in full swing!

it was a bewootiful sunrise yesterday morning.

Couldn't pass up taking a photo with this background.

all of a sudden, i was passed off to my FAB
 (Fun Aunt Bee- nordude's mommmie)
for more photo ops.

before woo know it, 
nordude was all like..game on!

ok then.. woo bettah start running.
like NOW!

darn FAB.. is holding on tight!

lookies, he's coming back fur more..
and saying neener neener!

full akita pawah activate!

form of a puff monstahball!

huff puff. huff. puff. can't keep up.
 alright. alright. woo win!

even the geese were doing a victory fly-by fur him.

honk honk wooself--  keep flying!

look FAB doesn't wanna give me back..
who's the winnah now?!!

no worries.. nordude remains in one piece. still.

honk honk to a
Happy Weekend!