it's NORJO!

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hi bloggie pals,

remembah the scurry movie, 
CUJO and how he trapped people in their car...
gulp. look at those TERRIFYING teefers! 

well, yesterday i caught the live version 
-a reenactment of a similar situaton-  different scurry dog!
(woo might recognize him)

the nice surfing music completely
drowns out my scrilling screams..geesh!

luckily he gets distracted easily!
(really, it's just my nutty cuzin, Nordude 
greeting me for our walkies- he's so furry excited!)

thanks DWB pals fur the comments 
and recommendations on my foodies.
now i get to do some sampling!



uh.. private & embarrassing.

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hi bloggie pals,

 last week-  
i wasn't feeling that great.

if woo must know the details,
let me say two words: diarrhea poopies

worse, then i kept licking my woo know what.
okay, it turned into 
 three more words: big, red & puffy. 

after a few days of this, 
my momma made a phone call & 
wrapped me up in this plus-sized stretchie ruby shirt.

Geesh, did she sign me up fur a soccer team?

no no.. maybe i'm being wrapped up like a present?
but, she wouldn't give me away?
couldn't be that!

nope.. she loaded up my gear 
and a bag of chicken feed and
ZOOMIED ME off to the VET!

NOT THE VET!! I'll stop. REAALL!Y!
The VET makes ME furry stressed & honestly,
i am NOT always cooperative.
so my new vet wants me to wear my ruby shirt  
(aka thundershirt)
on my visits along with other gear:) 
Then whenevah she enters the room ..
she pulls out the "chill out" bottle 
and sprays the air around me.
what? do i offend? hehehe

 a quick check of my behind situation
to find nope-no anal sac issues here.

Dr. thought it maybe a side effect of my meds or foodies-
especially if i'm passing lots of gas after eating.
(which means my food isn't agreeing with me
and increases the chance of bloat)
i'm suppose to change my foodies
to like EVO, Blue Buffalo or Wellness
 and add probiotics & metamucil to
improve my digestive track.
that's easy! 

the vet visit was ovah before ya know..
short & sweet- probably the best one yet.
Although... I wasn't quite sure what the Dr. meant
when she asked me, 'what goes on in that brain of yours?'
huh? good question.
Happy Hump Day
Hope woo are still relaxing ..


so this is christmus.

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so i'm here still waiting on the big man with the bag
to show up.. see, i even left him a note 
and plate of cookies (crumbs) too. 

according to the Norad Santa Tracker
he mustuv been nearby almost 12 hours ago.
what gives?!

well, Xmas isn't ovah yet.
back to waiting!

in the meantime..

wishing all my woonderful DWB pals
the bestest, merriest Holidays--
filled with lots of noms & mistletoe kissies,


cookie refueling- a must!

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hi bloggie pals,

woo know.. the weekends
are fur my long walkies with my cuzin, Nordude.
put your sneaks on cuz here we go!
he and his mommie, my FAB (fun aunt bee)
walkies like a gazillion miles a minute.
geesh.. someone of the larger size (like me!)
has a hard time keeping up. 

i mean,
he doesn't stoppies fur 10 minute investigative
sniffs of efurry scent possible or 5 minute pees and
another 5 minute kickbacks.. then a shakies.

nope. go go go!
so around 3 mile marker
i start to become quite faint & weak
and get stuck, as in EMERGENCY BRAKE ON!

luckily FAB caught on to this
and stashes a special bag of cookie refuel
just fur me. well, and him.

abbbout to pass out.. me furst!

 just slip it in right in my lipperz plz!

 huh? what? he doesn't need refueling!

 me next. me next. feeling faint. quick!

what?!!!  NOOOOOO! it's not 2 fur him.
2 fur me!

 okay FAB.. SO not fair.
i think i can make it back to the car.

woo of advice.
always have your bean bring
 a cookie refuel pack
on your walkies.

woo nevah know 
when you're low on fuel....



DREAMING...about launching the TM missile

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hi bloggie pals,

funnie have woo evah had the same
dream ovah & ovah..

and it seems so real.

back to snoozin' on a saturday!