Wordless Wednesday: hibernationzzzzzzz

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enter the igloo zone quietly plz.

for the recorded version-shh shh shh

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Happy WW day!


the return of coo coo kitty

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hi bloggie pals,

let's take a flashback to december.. coo coo kitty's furst appearace.

well, it's happening again.
just when woo think it's safe to go out in the backyard..
never fear, coo coo kitty is near!

(sorry bruce, i need another name for him/her.. 
maybe my DWB pals can think of the pawfect one)

see, i was minding my own bidnez.. well, trying
to listen for when my neighbors come outside.
i have to be polite and say grr morning...
when tho and behold.. aha!

 i felt these little beady eyeballas staring in MY direction.

so it wasn't too long before i could hardly contain my akitaself.
what does coo coo kitty want now?
is s/he stuck on MY fence???

no worries coo coo kitty.
off to the rescue...
(a potty path was shoveled for tm- but with the frozen snow
no longer a problem walking right across the top- nice!)

 kitty, "hiss hiss dieeeeee!"
me, "cry crry crrry! come down!"
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hey, was this all a trick?
where ya going?!

ok meet ya on the otherside!

 wait.. the darn fence is in the way.
coo coo kitty? woo hoo?

kitty, "neener neener neener"

so NOT fair.
it's toola cold fur this anyways.
besides i know woo'll be back!

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Wordless Wednesday: say hello to my little friend

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...or family?
finally, i fit in ...my peeps!

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Valentine needed!

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hi bloggie pals,

love is in the air..
times ticking tocking and i don't have a valentine yet.
who needs match.com--
i created my own little video of persuasion
entitled, Be Mine!

guess i should mention, cookies are a way to a big girl'sSmiley from millan.net
wink wink. drool drool.

hopefully this does the trick--
wishing efurryone the bestest valentine's day!

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lots of kissies & cookies,


the Nordude workout plan- works!

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hi bloggie pals,

yeppers, got my cheese hat on
and ready to rumble!

while i wait fur the Packers to crush the
 Steelahs tomorrow.. i wanted to show off
my new slim jimmy figure.

ice skating Akita

see, i had a trip to vet and when i got on the scale
the room gasped!
WOW TULA! WOO WEIGH 101 lbs.!!
that's down from 114 lbs. the last time!

Dr. Wolfus even said it's THE best i have evah looked!
(but then added, she could lose 5 lb if woo wanted)
yeah, right.

all my weekend 2.6 miler workouts with Nordude have
paid off. Cuz now I have been walkies
between 3 and 4+ miles a DAY!
hold on. gotta scratch.

 my walkies are going fur a good cause too-
i'm participating in the IDITA-WALK!
and have to walk 1049 minutes by March.
no sweat!

geesh. can't seem to get the spot.

okay okay. i'll get back on the trail.
beans can be so bossy.

Wildob: robins
here's a sign of spring, right?

Oh Nordude says he's currently running a special on his Workout Plan-
Sign up today!

Follow our miles by scrolling down to the Daily Mile widget!
one last thing, Goooooooo PACKERS!
(yes i know i live in MA, but FAD is really a cheesehead)


Wordless Wednesday: i heart my igloo

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a big igloo shout out to my bestest cat pal,
who by the way is supah lucky to live in sunny FL!
he sent this to all of us buried in the snow!

(hope he doesn't mind me sharing the photo)
purrfect! i'm feeling toasty already!

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pee es:  bruce's photo was taken with an iphone app called INSTAGRAM-
a furry cool social media photo sharing app. & it's free!