after the big snow-

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hi bloggie pals,

at last
the big hurrah, the big shabang, the big snow 
finally came!

blustery morning

i patiently waited & waited & still waiting... 
(toe tap tap tap tap)
then 20 gazillion hours later.


blahh! out the door!
no zoomies. nope.
just picked up the scent of my kitty pal.

sometimes woo have to give it a good faceplow
to stay on the trail
(that's how kitties are- slick)

 he, she sure has funballs in my backyard!

hey, where'd ya go?
kinduv getting dizzy.

ok, confused. sniff sniff...
(hey mango check out my frozen slobber- too cool 4 skool huh)

are woo up there?

here kitty kitty!
bruce the cat wants me to name woo..

pulleaze don't tell me he's been watching from the fencepost
the whole time- AGAIN!
(lookie closely-- TWO frozen slobbers- talent!)

face wash

no worries, i didn't give up.
can woo come back latah?
a little biddy biddy right now.

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Best Wishes

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hi bloggie pals,

it snowed, it snowed, it snowed the other night!
just in the nick of time fur Xmas...
and I got a few more hours to finish up a little last minute shopping- yikes!
(hey no snickering! it could be your gift:) )

but before I do.
I had to send out my holiday wishes to each & efurryone of woos!

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, 
everything is softer and more beautiful.  ~Norman Vincent Peale

 may woo have a wooonderful Christmas!

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mistletoe kissies,

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Howliday Photoshoot w/Mango & Nordolph

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hi bloggiepals,
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back to the the howliday photoshoot-
it all happened (several weeks ago) when Mango barked me
& asked if he could 'see' my new estate!

well, .. guess it was considered a 'date'
and fur whatevah reason, Nordude had to 'chaperone'
(as if).

click herah to see to part 1 of the 'date'
Nordude's version
Mango's version

the real truth ..our beans took advantage of the situation
to have a photoshoot session-- with howliday  props!

documenting efurry move.

 that's as good as it gets...
(next date- the mango estate! maybe)
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eYewAtch frIday: kitty trouble

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hi bloggie pals,

before i show woo the rest of the funballs from my holiday photoshoot-
i have to share my eyewatch troubles .. eyewatch kitty troubles.
lately it feels like somebody's been eYewatching me
as if..

well,  houston, i think we have a problem!

see, the other day we pulled up in the driveway
and coo coo kitty was hiding under the porch 
located by the sidedoor.
i didn't notice well, b/c i go into zoey lookout patrol,
but once we moved in closer coo coo kitty high-tailed it

on my new barricade!

except i'm SO not paying attention, i didn't even notice AGAIN!

of course there's actual footage!
(woo don't have to watch it if woo don't want to embarrass me- just sayin)

lookie this kitty is giving me! the grrr, hackles..

but yet AGAIN, no clue. missed that one too!

mom recognizing the warning- dangerous kitty about to attack signs,
we went inside!
Although the next day, i was on it.
coo coo kitty was taking a  morning siesta 
which let's say, was abruptly interrupted.

(tula isn't really reactive to kitties for whatever reason.
 it's become quite the game when we go out to the backyard!)

bye bye coo coo kitty- c ya tomorrow:)
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happy eYewatch friday!


Wordless Wednesday: sneak preview of holiday photoshoot

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more photos to come...ho ho ho! 
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santa hat funballs- NOT!

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hi bloggie pals!

the holidays are right around the corner.
so thought i'd get in the spirit with my santa hatballs.

until this happened.

geesh.. someone always has to be jokester.
not aaannymoore!

happy december,

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