backyard shenanigans

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hi bloggie pals,

efurryone looked kinduv green yesterday-
hope woo's feeling bettah:)

well, a couple of weeks ago, 
nordude moved to my side of town.
in fact, pretty much down the street 
less than a mile away!

so somehow he thinks my backyard
is his backyard and he's always popping ovah

but he might want to go back 
to grad skool to touch up on his manners 
or enroll in the ruffian class since he's
taking up a little fence grr arrffing.


 he he. did woo hear him get in trouble?!

rut roh. look at him now. he's not moving!
uhhhh woohoo- get woo's own backyard.

happy sunday!


a conversation with nordude

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hi bloggie pals,

sometimes on my walkies with my cuzin...
things need to be said.

if woo know what i mean.
glad we got that straightened out!
(even before the intervention happens)

happy snoozin' sunday!