easy like a sunday morning

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hi bloggie pals,

woo know that lionel richie song- easy like a sunday morning
that's what it's walking down main street 
around here.

the best time to go is just before the sun rises
and while the street lights are still on.

hold up. 
we're passing by a favorite breakfast place
 in marlborough.
the main street cafe! droolie droolie.

..can we go see if they're open yet?
then there was a tug 
& a "no tula. com'mon tula. let's keep moving. TOOLA"

when i looked ovah my shoulder
 longing fur a stack of flapcakes
feeling faint..
i saw city hall all lit up from the sunbeams.

it makes be an early bird furry worthwhile.
and made me forget about pancakes 
fur a minute.

hope woo have 
an easy sunday too!


do you know what i did last summer?! (an announcement)

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hello. hello. is this thing on?

hi bloggie pals,

my lipperz have been zipped fur over a whole year 
and now i can finally tell you something i did last summer..

i had been working furry hard on my people issues
with Julie Robitaille, my favorite certified animal massage therapist.
Her and Emma Parsons, author of Click to Calm developed a special
program to rehabilitate doggies who are sensitive, fearful 
and aggressive towards people called TACT.

read more about it--

so last summer, the book and DVD were in the works...
 they asked me to be one of the demonstrator doggies- 
and a few other of my previous reactive dog classmates too- like Daisy!
 of course anything for Julie.. i mean
she's helped me more than woo'll ever know.

Here, take a sneak peek  at a few behind the scenes
shots when we filmed at Clean Run.
tula monstah has just arrived..door plz!

i had to go straight to fur & wardrobe.

uhhh.. hate to be a diva but this dressing room
 is toola small! 

what?? i'm on set next?? 
geesh this is a tight schedule.

okay people, efurryone clear out- i'm coming on set!

julie's giving me directions about how she wants to 
work the next scene.  

yes julie, i'm paying attention.
"first grrr & then play it cool."

prop dude brings out these things!
hey that looks suspiciously like what the V-E-T uses?!
and also B-A-T-H weapons.
hmmmm. did i really sign up fur this? 

a gazzillion hours latah
.. that's a wrap. whew!

but before i go, a quick face massagies from julie. 
(it is in my contract:))

so i haven't watched the Dvds yet myself.
maybe i'll have a viewing pawtee when i get a copy-
bring your pupcorn!

(if woo know anyone who has these issues,
give this a try or pass along the word- )


paws crossed

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wishing for peace with paws crossed..

always remember


@ the tula estate during irene

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hi bloggie pals,

a week ago, hurricane irene visited massachewsits leaving
the tula estate without power fur 4 days... yikes.

no worries. at the beginning of the storm,
 i spent the time making sure efurryone was okay.

some needed help calming down.. 
nothing like a head clamp to stop the hysterics.

until there was a BIG BANG!
and zapped the entire neighborhood was w/o power.
uhh... i'll just stay here under the nice big table.

 besides living the amish lifestyle fur a few days..
the only real damage was to the door 
and more importantly,
tossing out my frozen yogurt cups :(.
door down. door down.

wishing my DWB pals 
a very Happy Labor Day!
 take a load off &
put your paws up fur the day!