stoopid gentle leader

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hi bloggie pals,

well since i've been MIA fur awhile, thought i'd 
get woo up to speed on what's been happening.

furst, my bean, FAD is off fur the SUMMAH!
and is home totally interrupting my day long naptime.

yep and she's still trying to get me to walkies 4 miles a day!
one problem.. my engine overheats quickly & then stalls.
so it's easier on the weekends when i meet up 
with my cuzin, nordude.
he's like a carrot on a stick.

sometimes he likes to mess with me

knowing i'm nevah free from my gentle leader.

take a look.

note: my fun aunt bee has my reins. 

minding my bidnez.
surprise attack from nordude
 tries to make fast turn arounds.
so can i!
oops. lost my rear wheels.
look out CHOMP!
 woo can run.. 
but woo can't hide! 
 shake it off nordude!
  if i didn't have to wear my stoopid gentle leader..
pulleaze take it off FAB! 

oh wait.. more nutty nordude evidence
with live footage.

And that about sums everything up!
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i'll try to catch up
 with all of woo real soon.


Wordless Wednesdays: meanwhile back at the estate...

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kinduv wordless. okay, so there ARE words.

(cue guns n' roses)

welcome to the jungle coo coo kitty .

photo taken before purchase of lawn mower

(cue elevator music)

meanwhile... inside enjoying a frozen yogurt cup.

 (cue olympic theme music)

 just finished running a like a gazillion times around gates pond.

 (cue elevator music)

meanwhile ....stuck to the coolie toolie tower.

 while woo read this post..

cue zzzzzzzz

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