behind the scenes: dancing with the stars dress rehearsal

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hi bloggie pals,

 Ya know,  big honey dog is hosting 
her Dancing with the Doggie Stars Contest!
with entries due next month.

mango immediately texted me & wanted to know
if we could put a routine togethah with Nordude too.

 get this.
last sunday, he shows up @ the tula estate..
looking like this!
dazed & confused.

 and as he exited the car.. whoah.
slow down cowboy!
sure woo didn't hit the brown bottle before came ovah?

all kidding aside, mango's on drugs to stop the seizure monstah.
except in his mind, all he was thinkin' was,  "the show must go on!"
which is why he decided to put on
his dancing shoes and give it a whirl.

well no one told me he was on his way 
or mentioned anything about his condition.

i knew.. something was up.
(see the string of excitement)

while we were waiting fur Nordude to show up,
he was most interested in checking out my TV room
where i watch the bird channel, coo coo kitty channel and etc.

no worries, i kept a furry close eye on him.
from a distance.

several minutes latah, nordude finally came on set.

those two were like a moth to a flame.
hehehe --

umm. hate to  interrupt. but can we get to practicing!

 of our first dress rehearsal.
I guess it was ...well,
umm. a work in progress.

still trying to incorporate some razzle dazzle moves. stay tuned!

as we wrapped up & efurryone was heading out,
mango thought my tulips needed watering.

 bye.. cya soon! call me!

(a week later, happy happy wag wag 
that the mango is back in action) 

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wordless wednesdays: feelin' pretty & itchy

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Pretty in purple

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sometime woo need a sandwich

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hi bloggie pals!

the weather has been almost like summahtime here in MA
that everything is growing and blooming and so furry pretty!

this photo was taken last sunday- blah. no color.. bor-ring.
now lookie..
viola- we're in living color!

oh wait. that's the sandwich shop.

ahhh.. do woo have a couple of bucks fur a sandwich?
this has been the most exhausting walkies.
a big girl gets hungry ya know.

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happy sunday!