easter photoshoot

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hi bloggie pals!

Wait til woo see what the Easter bunnie brought me!
check it out.  
total drool!

but before i could be my lippers around it 
i had to participate in 
the traditional torturous Easter event.
woo guys know what i'm talkin' about..
i've seen it on your bloggies too!
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the dreaded bunnie ears.
since my ears were lost in our move to the estate-
no worries.. target was selling flower ears fur $1.
oh this is soooo embarassing.
okay, okay .. i'll do it.

(hold onto your ears.
this is almost the entire photo session)

let the deflowering begin!

at last.. let there be peace .. 
of a cookie fur me (blahahaa)

wishing woo a joyous & crumbdillecious easter!
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eYewatch FrYday: waiting..

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hi bloggie pals,
Happy Earth Day!
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today, everyday but especially today
do something special fur the Earth-
me? I already watered some plants. hehehehe.

And we're headed to Lowe's -
to get our free tree to celebrate!
then i'll water the tree too!

Also, a Happy Birthday barkout to Sharon..
my bestest catpal, BRUCE the CAT's bean.
she tried to slip that by us.. luckily i'm pretty sharp!
not much gets by me.. 
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as woo can see.
here's me. waiting. somebody. sasha? anybody.
little hot doggie?
come out to play.  furry bor-ed.
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How i got my name

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hi bloggie pals, 
okay, i heard about this contest, "How i got my name?"
that Reilly is hosting from Asta who heard it from Mango 
who heard from.. well, woo get the picture.


Well, my name changed once my 411 was posted on Petfinder.com.
At the time, people called me Shasta!
Not sure if the NY Animal Control named me or 
if that was my AKC Brooklyn Street name.
Shasta of Brooklyn's  Disastah!

aww look, this was back in my chain gang days.
it's the closest thing I have to a puppy photo- (2 years old)

Well, the minute i was off to live the life of a massachewsits doggie,
i couldn't bring the Brooklyn streets to Marble Bureau.
It's just not that kinduv of place.
(don't want to get kicked out)

the search was on..
the furst thought --a japanese name. 
After all i am japanese and akitas are held 
with the highest regard in japan. 
 we're actually considered a national symbol of japan  
and were once used fur protecting our family and bear-hunting-yikes!
  How about KUMA (japanese 4 bear)?
no no i don't look like a Kuma.

the second thought -- maybe a Native American name.
my bean 's furst dog, Libby 
was often referred to as WOLF.
in honor of Libby..
Let's try, TALA meaning wolf.
no no no..

FAD couldn't decide between either one.
What else could woo do but to put them together?!

Kuma + Tala= Tula
(well take Tala -a +u) 

now to maintain the proper AKC street name- 
just add Monstah! 
THINK: Massachewsits AND RED SOX..
Fenway Park's left field wall is referred to 
as the Green MONSTAH!
i mean, how could i go wrong,
there's even beer with that name.

and that's how i came to be known as
Tula Monstah

so exhausting, especially fur a monday.
must take a napballs..
excuse me.
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can i have a word with woo?!

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hi bloggie pals,

i had to have a few words with my cuzin, Nordude.
i think woo'll understand...

 see, on saturday & sundays 
we meet up with him
to hit the Assabet River Trail.

when i left the house, 
i was looking fairly white & fresh & clean.
wouldn't woo agree?!

that was until someone i won't mention his name
but who loves frogs furry much,
kept doing kickbacks in my faceballs!

now look at me!

a complete mudballs!

yep, i'll be spending the day
  on the wash & spin cycle...

there goes my saturday.
cya around like a donut!


wordless wednesdays: shadow puppet time!

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(last wednesday's april fool's joke- SNOW!)

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happy humpety humping,


coo coo kitty saga..continued.

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Smiley from millan.net hi bloggie pals,

yep, uhuh.. coo coo kitty was at it again.
i don't know how many times we're gonna have to go through this..
but, the other afternoon, i was minding my own bidnez.
getting fresh air .. when this happened.

(Click here for the full videostyle version, entitled Dangerous.)
luckily for coo coo kitty's sake,
i was on my long string.

and that's a whole another story:
see  the rickety rackety fence in the back 
it's about ready to tumble anyday..

this winter, the darn snow plows
kept plowing the mountains of snow against it.
(behind is a deadend street)
no worries, the city is taking care of the repairs.
for some reason, the string prevents any possibility of an escape.

not to mention, i am also quite the avid fence fightah!
my neighbors on all three sides of me
love to take me on!
let me at 'em!! let me at 'em!!

 anywoo, after this encounter, 
i'm thinking coo coo kitty may have learned her lesson..
this is tula country! dammit!
happy monday dwb pals!