Meatballa Monday!

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hi bloggie pals,

yep we have snowballas up
to our eyeballas
here in Massachewsits!

which makes mondays seem, 
well like mondays.
 that's until i spotted a
can of little italy's meatballas
sitting out on the kitchen counter.

hey! nobody told me 
woo got my full attention now.
just thinkin' about
those yummy balls of meat, spiral pasta
covered in some savory sauce.

(portions appear smaller close-up:) )
drool drool drool

usually if i sit up & stare really close like.. it happens faster.
ooh, and can't wait for the second course either!
Kibble balla time!

so don't furget to tell your beans ..



my better half entry-

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Yep leave it to my cuzin, Nordude to come up
with this Mango Minster contest.
Like one of him isn't enough, he went ahead
and found his girl-twinnie.

So, i thought ...eazy peazzy!
i discovered my twinnie almost a year ago.

At the time, Rocky was on the run.
Our fav FT, Khyra asked me to channel my inner akitanez
to help him find safety!
well, it worked and we've been twinnies ever since.

check it out- i even did a post about it- 
ya know how he copies me.  
let me dust off those old photos

so woo can see fur yourself.

That pretty much says it all!

now it's your turn..
go find your twinnie!

more details at NORWOOD UNLEASHED

(also wanted to paw my apologies fur not visiting your bloggies-
with another pending Wed. snowstorm, i just may have time!)

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Norwoods' eYewatch frIday: more like ear watch

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chirp chirp chirp
chirp chirp chirp..
when birds talk, tula listens.

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neighborhood walkies: over the snow banks

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hi bloggie pals,

yah yah yah!
it snowed snowed snowed!
last wednesday, over a foot of snow was dumped on Massachewsits.
alright so when i headed out to the backyard,
rut roh..

 toola much snow. i'm totally NOT plowing thru that!
i know i'll just hold it!

or maybe not.
ok, plan B.
so i tried looking out the side door.

 my neighbor, Bernie was busy shoveling off his roof.
not a good sign.

woo could only see the car's antennas
double whammie not good.

hey, the doors snowed in fur the second time today!
thought i shoveled it an hour ago.
 can woo..help me out? my back is hurting.
see the shovel...
muwahh, thanx.

 i wasn't the only crazie enough to venture outside.
woo can't tell but i think that's Dexter
 pulling his new adopted family on a sled.
(guess since the Mango Minster started, he decided instead of
being ToTAlly neglected.. well woo see)

 as i started walking,
 i began to notice more & more of these strange snowbeans.
who are they? where did they come from?!
& why do they keep smiling at me?

anywoo these snow tunnel thingys are funballs!
they already have lots of yellow graffiti too.
(this photo was actually taken a few days later)

some houses even had new icy decorations

while a few were still in the Xmas spirit (yes!)
(look closely, santa hasn't unpeeled himself off the siding)

 time to start heading back before it gets too dark.
wait wait wait..lookie, the Sandwich Shop!
gimme turkey & cheese sandwich.
i was starving.. but nope. 
as if!

good thing home was only a block away.
i could have parished.

here are a few more snow pics of the main street area of Marble Bureau.
(you may have seen them on FB)

Don't forget to wag by to see the MANGO MINSTER 2011 funballs too!

Happy MLK day!
i have a dream....


Wordless Wednesday: my so-called 'date'

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woo've probably already heard about
my second date with the RH 
from Nordude and the big fruit himself, Mango

funnie, they left some details out.
here's the real deal..

okay, all in all it was total funballs!

just sayin.


Wordless Wednesday: and sssccrrretch 2-3-4

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my day job.. personal trainer.

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catch the hot dog game

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hi bloggie pals,

2011 is off to a grrreat start-
how could it NOT be when
woo play a game called CATCH THE HOT DOG!

on the first day 1-01-11!

here's how woo play.
Find a bean who carries a bag of hot dogs.
 Pawfect.. my Fun Aunt Bee (norwood's mommie) ALWAYS has hot dogs.

pay close attention to catch the technique of a professional hot dog catcher..

Always get a turn ... open the hatch nice and wide!


Don't EVAH cross the hot dog line!

RUT ROH! Someone has to sit out on the next play.
guess it's my turn again!

nope fun aunt bee called the game.
thanks alot nordude...

it was funballs while it lasted.

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cya 2010, it's been funballs

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hi bloggie pals,

i'm laying here, thinking
wow could 2011 already be here?
but, i really didn't get a chance to say ...

so long to 2010!
(well at least on my bloggie)
it sure was alotta funballs WITH furriends
and i guess i learned some things too.

thought i'd take time to rummage through
my photos to find the taddaadaaa
tula's deep meditations of 2010

always try to help out your pals..
like participating in contest that involve foodables.

it's okay to eat alotta cookies as long as
woo can still fit in small places.. whew.

 sometimes woo miss things right in front of woo
just look up!

grad skool is so much more funballs ---with your pals.

your nutty cuzin can unexpectedly be your best trainer!

sometimes change happens..

backyards = freedom with barricades:)
who cares! i luv it!

then woo can invite your pals ovah fur holiday pawties.

which also means COSTUMES!

snuggly in her igloo
most impawtantly,
home is where woo can find comfort & peace & love!

Wishing all of my DWB pals the best fur 2011!

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