Happy Halloween-tulip style!

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boohaha bloggiepals!
 it's halloween! muwaahahaha..

so the last time i really blogged, i barked
the good news of moving to my furry own tula estate!
i have to tell ya. things have been let's say.. different.
on moving day
i was confined to the bedroom while this happened--
came out and what? huh? who??

efurry thing disappeared..
geepers.. how long was i in therah!
it was most confusing.

later that day at the estate,
it was obvious the place was not ready fur me..
i mean, no carpeting! just scurry wooden floors!
which  ...uhuh..no way i am walking on that!

nordude even came ovah to give me special training.
Click here to see his bloggie post about it-

well at least  now there's a MONSTAH rug covering
the entire kitchen floor & the sun porch has carpet.
that's exactly where I hang out. for now.

(there's more to tell ya but i'll save it for another time)
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ok, Halloween funballs..
yep, you're seeing correctly.
my costume is a tulip.
 yep just call me, tula the tulip!
(geesh i can hear woo chuckling!)
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but woo know, my bestest DWB catpal sent
me a card - it was sitting on the doorstep
at my estate the furry first day!
how nice is that!
 hold up.. gotta put on my bruceglasses to read what it says.
aww.. it makes me blush!
then the mango momma insisted i attended grad skool-
b/c mango had something special for me.

(hope it doesn't have to do with his bee costume-
if woo know what i mean)
nope, crack boom, a bolt of lightning came from nowhere.
it was a shovel! think think think..
what do woo do with a shovel.

okay, maybe his card will explain.
sure enough..the mango told me about the 101 uses of
a shovel. who knew?! except, wait ...
obedience training?? rut roohhhh.

the shovel might have to be kept in a hard to reach
in a second kinduv place. gulp. surely the mango
hasn't needed it.. must be pee wee. yep.
oh- and his momma had brought back a hot doggie
just for me:) from her trip to the Topsfield fair.
looks like someone tried to sink their umm. fangs in it already.
oh well, it's still mine mine mine. blahahahahaha!
my DWB pals are the best-- that's why i keep their cards
right there on the kitchen windowsill.

alls not toola bad.
my new neighborhood is full of new friends too.
here's a few.

 hope everyone has supah scurry halloween!


Wordless Wednesday: Yikes~ Hurry up!

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yikes hurry up!
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 YIKES! Hurry up TUlA!

Wordless Wednesdays!
because i'm biddy  SCREAAAMMIING!

Go check out Norwood's Paranorwood
fur more fright!

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Wordless Wednesday: wwwhho's there?

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hhh..hap-ppppy WW!


coming soon: a tula estate??!

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Hi bloggiepals!
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lately the apartment has been looking
furry cluttered..
mostly MY room. i mean apartment living
has its downsides.. but this is ridiculous!

stacks & stacks of boxes have taken ovah!
where's a monstah suppose to take a napballs?

turns out..
by the end of the week, we are moving.
Yep, it is time to get our own ESTATE!

it's true.. put your peepers on this photo!
There it is. only five miles from where we live right now.
so i can still visit all my fav parks & places.

 and bettah yet there are some special tula features..
like the sunporch to keep a fresh tan all year!

oh oh.. a  fenced yard.
yep yep, no more waiting, pleading, begging
someone to take me outside. (that doesn't really happen)
mom will like this especially when i protest going out in the rainballs.
just open the door!

there are 4 bedrooms to choose from..
guess which one i claimed??!
the downstairs one off of the dining room & furry close to the kitchen!
(room off to the right)

As woo can see i'm a big help!

bark has it, my neighbors.. 
on both sides have furry pals fur me to get to know.
(2 pals on each side)
let's say, i'll be biddy biddy saying hello:)

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Training Bloggie #16: turn me loose

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i've had a couple more 'funtime' sessions at lake boon
with my cuzin to 'learn how to play"

so my training has become slightly unfair.
 in fact. woo could say.. someone is asking fur it!

all this neener neener neener- woo have your safety gear on
is getting to be a bit much.
see, efurryone knows my cuzin, Norweed
is watcha call a crackah dog.
something happens, a switch flips & he goes nutty!
here let me show woo...

did woo hear him?
neener neener neener tula!
TUUULA can't catch me
grr grr grr.
(that's right, he was grrring AT ME!)
oh- AND bit me in the shoulder!!


then Khyra emailed me something that
gave me a brilliant idea-r.

she gave me a new theme song:
(click 2 listen)

NEXT time, woo bet- turn me loose
let me at him!

a few more photos
he's always chasing this stupid stick.

lookie, he thinks i'm not gonna do anythang.
did he furget i'm akita-from brooklyn!

see see. he's charging me at full nutty speed.

he does this right in front of me. coocoo.
what is that??!

at Lake Boon
 then. i have no choice but to take a breakballs.

that' pretty much sums it up.
stay tuned for the turn me loose session!

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