Wordless Wednesdays: no fingers were missing after this photo

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(my auntie caught me just in time before leaving the parking lot 
to give me  cookies. cookies. cookies)
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Happy Hump Day,


i wanna be like mango??

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hi bloggiepals,

wait.. wait fur me.
hoping mango will accept one late late entry
from his FAV hot gal in grad skool.
(it's really mom's fault- procrastination)

at furst, i thunk..
therah's NO way i'm like mango.
sudz, slobberz, snappy dresser.. & so on.

but then maybe urrr we are alike.
like this photo..

guess who's scritching me?
the mango momma.
knowing the mango is a momma's bubba boy
i like his momma ALOT too!
just sayin.

 ok. that wasn't toola bad.
um.. so i do get a little slobbery from time 2 time.

Oh oH.. agilities.. 
 (hey mango, woo like what woo see- wink wink)

hey i bring out my bright red lipstick too- on occasion.
(maybe not quite as often!!
b/c then woo might think i'm a 'workin' girl')

sometimes i get a little crossed eye 
and just thinkin' of all the hot dudes 
in grad skool
especially the real big ones(winkie wink)

 even if it's tooola late to enter..
(my bag)
 and it's kinduv a streeetchhhhh.. 
but i guess i'm umm. like the mango too!
sign me up!

Happy Sunday-
go Patriots!


feelin' poetic

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Hi bloggiepals,

autumn's here..
there's no bettah place to be than Massachewsitts!

enjoying the cool temps
and taking in the slowly changing colors
on walks along the assabet river .

it made me feel a little poetic.
so here ya go!

get in the fall spirit!
the farm stands are filled with apple pickers
and the seasonal harvest (squash, pumpkins.. )
luv it!

(new photos & last years)
 off to grad skool w/ Nordude & Mango.
can't be late- even though mango's  momma already said he would be.
but woo didn't hear that from me.

pee es: iphone/ipad apps- typedrawing & photocopier were used:)

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Wordless Wednesdays: the chase is on!

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the chase is on!

okay, some words.
Training update: Wootie woot! i played with Nordude!
no hackles. no grrs. no arrraarrr. just plain ole funballz.
Mango's next..blahahahaha

(most of woo's have seen nordude's bloggie about our saturday funtimes-
if not, click here fur videos)


go bananas- it's hump day!


Arrrgh Mateys!

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Avast me hearties!
talk like a pirate day is here! toooday!

Arrrh. shiver me timbahs.
ye scurvy dogs just call me,

bettah not hear a pee ewww outta matey or ye best
get on ye way ye lilly-livered sissy before I throw ye to the sharks!

yo ho ho!
 walk ye plank with me other landluggers
bruce the cat
sealegs nordude

Find your inner Pirate too- just click here


eYeWatch frIday: lookies up in the sky

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hi bloggiepals, 

woot woot- it's eYewatch frIday!
lookies, up in the sky-
it's a ... huh. what? 
it's NOT suppose to be therah!

hey zip it geese!

(note: this is exciting, hold onto your seats)
Whatcha gonna do?
Nothing- absolutely nothing.

what were woo expecting??? hehehehe

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happy furriday efurryone!


grad skool blues

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i got the grad skool blues.
G.S. is advancing to the doctorate level and
me.. well, having a FURRY hard time keeping up.

let's just say.. now that doggies are kinduv off-leash 
  to do more agilities  has made it a little much fur a MONSTAH girl.

 ya know.
little wandering white fuzzie doggies heading in my direction
who don't have the best recall.
sometimes the beans/owners in class forget
i need a certain amount of 'space'
like when i'm one of the weave poles in an activity
 when we practice socializing and have to find a partner to buddy walkies
with-nordude is the only one who'll be my buddy
 quite frank & beanly, i'm not so much an 'agilities' girl.
(woo've seen how much i sleep, right!)

Soo..  post grad skool decompression- recovery time is a must.
what bettah place than the beach!

yep yep.. found this cool like park/beach on a lake
(besides mom wants to show off her fav new iphone app called
woo guessed it: Shake it (off) photo)

in the water checking out the view across the lake- awroo!

clear, cool spa fur the toe toes

and the facial

lookies, still touching the bottom!

not toola big 2 fit in the frame!

comtemplating a napballz...
okay, songs ovah.

until next time (saturday! yikes!)

have a WOOnderful week,


Wordless Wednesdays: somebody stop me!

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i feel like bustin' loose, 
i feel like bustin' loose

(plz excuse someone's choice of words at the end- GEESH!)

Happy Hump DAY!



back to the same ole.

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Millan.nethi bloggiepals,

well this past week, i was forced to get back
to the usual programming. that means
school is session and mom's back to work.
back to being cranky. back to waking me up at the wee
hours of the morning for a walkies. back to leaving me
allll day to nap in some peace & quiet:) 
(between woo & me-that part i like)

but it also means FALL is almost here!
after the near hundred degree overbaking temperatures last week,
Hurricane Earl briefly came through & cooled eFURything down.

see this is me, actually walking on my morning walkies.
(55 degrees- woohoo!)
oh.. and got a little thirstie from all the activity.
don't mind me.

and then taking a breather while soaking in the pretty view.

i have more to tell woo. 
it'll have to wait-
woo know, spending labor day not doing labor- hehhee.

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