Words on Wednesday: what's his point?

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggiepals,

usually wednesdays are wordless.
but hard to stop nordude from breaking the rules..  
check out the peemail he sent me.

i don't get it. what's his point?

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cooookie time- yah yah yah!

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Cookie Monster

hi bloggiepals,

continued from the previous post...
so, after my No walkies in the Rain protest,  we started
driving towards the ehem.. gulp... V word. VET office.

no no no.. i'm not sick. i feel perfectly fine. see?!
i'll walkies. let's try it again.

as we pulled up into the parking lot. 
 she said be right back. YOU stay here.
okay by me!

Hey-woohoo she veered left
to the PET STORE right next door
and lookie, i hit the lottery!

 new coookies cookies cookies!

but getting to NOM NOM eat the cookies
didn't go quite as easy...see.
Ha- reverse torture! NOM!
(pee ess: my mom is so well trained, isn't she?)



relentless rainy weather- c ya!

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggiepals,

 the weather has finally turned a corner. wahoo!
  4 straight days of relentless rain-
(bet woo were thinking relentless = mango)
were talking about getting soaked, drenched to the
point where i'm squeaky clean! has ended!

  by the fourth day
i decided a little bit of a protest was in order
to put to an end to this torture...

meaning mom would have to resort to
all kinds of tricks to get me outside.

she would even drive all the way to my favorite park 
and nope, not getting outta the car..
not if it's raining..

then there was a barrage of hbo words used..
quick, cover your ears! unfortunately,
i, tula monstah can not resist the cookie lure.

woo know what? i might get OUT of the car,
but woo can't make me walkies.

nope. see the pelting rain has the frozen
statue effect on me. 

several attempts latah..
i lookie like this!

same spot. different body position.

until she gives up.. which is easy peasy.

and more hbo words are used to
get me back IN the car. not to mention cookies- ha!

geesh. how can i get this %$#$@ soaking wet mental leader 
off my snooter!
my attempts were distracted when..

i noticed we weren't heading home??

where to now?

stay tuned fur the next post!

but guess what.. my protest worked-
the weather forecast for the rest of the week
is back to summer, 90 & furry sunnie!

scratchies to  woo all,

(especially my fav akita, ROCKY! 

sending healing vibes to him)


Wordless Wednesdays: shakies

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little chauncey fishing pond (northboro, ma)



wildobs: in the parking lot??

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggiepals,
see, the monstah mobile was pulling into the local high school parking lot
when we saw this unusual kinduv showdown!!
what? some kinduv gang war?
here in hudson, massachewsits?

ok, they had feathahs & beaks..so a flock gang!
(but what do woo call a group of turkeys??)


The Turkey Gobblers vs. The Geese Squad
don't worry, got it allllll on fuzzy iphone video.
wish it had a zoom feature, but woo'll get the idear

i think this would have been even more
entertaining if someone let me outta the car!

just sayin'
I feel like turkey 2nite! I feel like turkey 2nite!


bARking mAd

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Smiley from millan.net hi bloggiepals!

yep, just call me mad tula. grr..
my grampy & grammy came and went..
and i missed out on supah fun & foodies!
 here let me show woo..

when they're in town,
a must-stop is Fanieul Hall in downtown boston.
where my grandpy has to talk to efurryone
and tell them he's from Milwaukee.
(ok, old man!)
do notice the enormous macaroni structure--
mmmm. just my size!

 oh oh the best part.. yeah they head ovah to 
the NorthEnd (historic italian neighborhood) for
the Fisherman's Feast Festival.

we're talking sausage, riceballs, pizza, calmari, and CANOLIS!
who doesn't luv dancing with a CHEEZ STICK!

 no.. they kept walking past all those droolie foodies 
to go to THE oldest pizzeria in boston..
Regina Pizzeria! and dine with Leonardo Di Caprio!
 after stuffing their faces, time to enjoy some of the festivities..
lookie Maggie & Mitch-- a watermelon-eating contest! 
woo would have crushed the competition!

the 90 yr old italian festival tradition is to parade the
 Madonna del Soccorso down the streets
and everyone places strips of cash money on her. 
(maybe i'll change my name to madonna-hehehe)
a walk back to Quincy Market...
for a little more street-dancing, living statues who grrr
when woo take their pic & don't tip, and one
last wave to Sam Adams!

 my grammy did bring back these boxes of canolis from Mike's Pastry
and what was left of the pizza pie.
 thinkin'.. fur me??
no no no.. look at my droopie lips.
it was a dream. 
(as a mattah of fact, those boxes went straight 2 Nordude's frig!)
not fair!
i need a new dream.. 
a family that shares!!

back to my napballz,


Lift Off!

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggie pals,

sorry i've been MIA- my excuse??.. well, grampy & grammy 
are in town from Wisconsin! this may seem like wootie woot fun-
  the truth is i get leftout most of the time.  
 except when it came to the Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival!

see, it's in the VERY PLACE i go for my morning walkies. 
if woo get there by 6am, woo can get an up close view of the pilots 
heating their balloons and tada..LIFT OFF!

Come' on! follow me.

Ooo Ooo lookie.. the first balloon is filling up.

gotta luv the large flames lighting up the balloons @sunrise.
Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival

beans were everywhere with their flashie beasts.
Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival

until up, up & away!
Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival

don't worrie, nordude was there.
right in the middle of things with my grandpy!

yeah.. um.. me? i'm waaaaay off to the side.
the balloons didn't bother me as much as the beans moving this way 
& that way with those flashing tripod things.
(and rut roh, 2 other doggies were on the field too)
how dare they! grr.
Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival

but i was biddy biddy keeping my eye on nordude too!
Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival
some beans were lucky enough to snag a ride.
the lady looks horrified -- geesh they're only 2 inches off the ground!
Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival

they flew right ovah the infamous froggie pond.
Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival

up up and away in the beautiful balloons!
Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival

wag by Nordude's bloggie for a live lift-off video.

Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival

hey, didn't that balloon's sign say,
All Dexter's Contestants get aboard- free trip to labradork land!
pfft.. just kidding. i luv all woo labradorkies & wannabees.
myself? maybe i could enter the contest as.. umm an albino version??
okay, i like tennis balls too. not! hehehehehe.
(hurry enter his contest- by August 22!)

Happy Monday,


Wordless Wednesdays: H & G

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(H & G)
hi & grrr? 
nope. just. hi & good-bye!!

NOD (no big deal)

L2U (luv to ya)
okay no more texting lingo.
Smiley from millan.net