a fieldtrip?

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggiepals,

funnie- i'm awake! how'd that happen?
anywho, my nap was interrupted to go on a fieldtrip!
mom wanted me to drive along with her as she
toured different neighborhoods. 

is this what woo calling a walkies?
no  no no. the good news is my apartment days maybe numbered..
as she decided it's time to look into buying a real, actual home!

woot woot- this apartment living is fur the birds.
and it got me thinking....

huh? a house. it'll be part MY house too. right?
then i bettah make a list of my criteria.

yep, that's exactly what i'll do.
somebody grab a pen & paper. plz:)

let's see, I wanna...
furry nice backyard.  with plush grassies. chipmunks. bunnies.
a huge shady tree to keep coolie under.  yep, a bone-shaped wading pool.

 I wanna...
my furry own deluxe, air-conditioned room!
that has an enormous picture window to grr out.
 a walk-in closet fur my lovely bandaner outfits & mental leaders.
oh oh.. a MONSTAH doggie door to let myself out ANYTIME!
and my room is the closet to the kitchen
which is making fresh cookies 24/7.
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ok, um. i wanna..
guest house with a separate
  fenced  froggie pond fur my cuzin, norweed.
i think.Smiley from millan.net

i wanna..
a neighborhood that is close to my pals.
like the RH. then i could swing my muscle butt
past his estate & hear his luvie songs. oh
and spy on him & pee wee.
 geesh, am i missing anything?

all this excitement is exhausting.
wish us luck- as we're hoping to make the big move in Octobah!

Happy Friday!

yours troolie,

paws khrossed fur our pal, Phantom
Lost dog alert: Angus, German shepherd in CO Springs 
 call Dianna at 719-223-9585 
see Khyra's blog 4 details


Wordless Wednesdays: the forecast

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going to feel like 1000000 DEGREES
last one in the pool is...

stay kool,


eYewAtch friday: croaked up

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Smiley from millan.net hi bloggiepals,

okay okay, my cuzin norweed's obsession is contagious!
if woo know him, he's got frogs frogs frogs frogs
on the brainballs!

i just don't get it?
i mean, really.. he gets around a pond
and he's hoppier than a frog in a rainstorm.

yesterday i stopped at the local frog pub.
sure enough. i'm trying to get a nice cool beverage.
and...i hear "Frogs Rule, Dogs Drool!" outta nowherah!

what do woo think happens next?
CROAK! a plate of frog legs?

duh duh dunnnnnnn.
take a lookie at actual frog footage!

nothing! frogga who? frogga what?
how is this fun?
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(no frogs were hurt in this posting.
b/c i'm not norweed) 

Still need a frog-fix.

times fun when woo're having flies.
oh no, maybe it is contagious.

hoppy eYewatch fridaY!


Wordless Wednesdays: 2day's position-downdog

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hold this position: a good 12 hrs.

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Wildobs-daily photos

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hi bloggiepals,

these are random photos of the day from the past week.

in the jungle. no no. 
trying my paw at frog-hunting.

discovered a new pond: full of little faces
Lamson park, Hudson Massachewsitts.
Norweed's dream...

orange smoothie delights.

 purple fireblazers

 hey! oh yeah, getting his frog-fix in 
on non-camp days.

 sometimes i run outta gas.
didn't quite make it ovah the bridge.

 a new friend. until he flies away.

 one lily pad. two lily pad...

 view of the Assabet River

my favorite mid-walkie stop.
 dark clouds, strong breeze
were cooling things off. 
(not to mention making me leary of the flapping flag)

it was a week full of froggies, flowers, sunshine, 
and wicked humidity
we're in fur another heat wave this weekend.

i'll be doing alotta of this-
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stay kool,


unseen footage!

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hi bloggiepals,

hey have woo checked out Mango's Great Adventure yet?
he's taking a few of his pals along on a most peculiar adventure
to investigate an undercovah MANGO-NESS operation in Pawslyvania.
in the last episode, we caravanned behind evil-pawed Miss Khyra &
her entourage in our best disguises.

well, take a seek-peek at behind the scenes footage woo didn't see
as even choosing the most proper disguise is key!

tula's disguise by deel34

Make your own| Clone and edit

somehow i feel like somebody's fool?!!

Go wag by Mango's bloggie to read the latest installment of
his Great Summah Adventure!

mahna mahna!


barkouts 2 stumpy & khyra

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hi bloggiepals,

this post is a barkout 2 some great pals of mine.

remembah, awhile ago Stumpy, Alfie & Fenway- the crew from Dirtville held a Khatch it fur Khyra Khontest to recognize her efforts with rescue dogs. my abilities didn't win me any first place prize. in fact, if woo watched my video, khatching requires alotta energies and i had to lay down on the job.

well stumpy decided all the participants were puptastic and
was sooo kind to make homemade cookies to efurryone just fur playing!

ooooooo.. coookies! GIMME GIMME GIMME!

lookie, a furry nice letter with a pic of their smiling mugs!
hi guys! u bet i'll enjoy the nommie cookies.

hold up- what's this?! a birfday card too?
 not to worry dirtville crew, i'll be sure to start those exercises 
tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow...geesh!
and now for the cookies!
  somehow i always have to work fur foodies.

(psst: don't tell mom i'd do much more than wave.
they are THAT yummie- hmm, she didn't get my backflip on video blahahaha)

the next barkout goes to my favorite FT (floofie tail), Miss Khyra herself.
she played a big part in the rescue efforts of Rovin' Rocky !  the whole time he was missing she asked me to send out my supah akita vibes. 
 of course i did!  

her mom also kept telling me how much we looked alike.
so i thought, huh? do we really? 
well let's see...

ok, so he copies.
long white muscle body- check.
but wait, he's got extra curl in his tail
and what's that handle thingy on the bottom?
all i can say is COPYCAT x2
i learned it first.
alright, we do have the same silly smile.
somebody stop us.

he is adorable and believe me, miss khyra and her mom were ready to drop him off in massachewsitts.  could woo imagine the two of us walking down the street togethah? if we had a different living situation or liked to break the apartment rules (well and other things), it wouldn't surprise me if i had a new brudder.
wishing that Rovin' Rocky the best furevah home!

and back 2 my cookies....
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Wordless Wednesdays: Spa Day

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have a squeaky clean day!
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