my date with the mango luv machine

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hi bloggiepals,

you heard it right.. got myself a date!
with the one & only relentlessly huge MANGO!

Actually his momma arranged it ..
guess she thought he'd like my large muscle butt.
luckily my photo/videographer assistant, my Aunt Bee (norwood's mommie)
was available to record this major event. yeah!

there were a few other chaperones too.
like Paul the training dude from grad skool.
and both our mommas. geesh.. talk about baggage. no fun!

luv at first sight? or at first bite?
trainer dude thought we should start slow & far apart.
i was trying to luv eye him up. check him up & down.
nevah see anything quite like him before.
guess he's kinda cute.

(live-action version click here
training note: click & treated for looking at each other calmly

 but the boy only had luvie eyes for his momma.

 you could tell the paul trainerdude was trying to figure him out...

and i couldn't figure him out either.
what does a girl have to do to get noticed!

so onto plan b:
i'll tell him how i feel!

 there! i'll puff & crumble my lippers at him.
except this only means one thang.

watch out --starting to bubble ovah.
come on- stop looking at your momma~
then.. a few choice hbo words may have popped out.
on accident oops. (not lady-like)

but obviously bubbling ovah means somethang quite different for the Mango. 
i think he's excited.. i mean he shows it in a whole other way.
not sure i'm ready for that- yikes.

guess what? as we got closer..
out came the Mango Luv Song.

click on the photo 4 live action or here.
geepers he hams it up for the camera.

 everything was going good.
until this floof entered the picture.
who invited her?
really? a threesome on a first date-! as if!

all of sudden ..an encore performance took place.
not for me. nope. for miss floofie tail.
(4 live action- click here)

i mean i can look past the sudz,
and his crayon,
and being a momma's boy.

this was most upsetting.
i showed him all my tulaness.. what gives?

so we ended the date there.
i left him a couple more messages outside.

and then his momma said.. we'll cya in grad skool tula!
bye mango.

oh well..
Massachewsitz boys can't handle a girl from brooklyn.
there's other mangos in the tree.
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Happy Memorial Day weekend!
put the hot doggies on the grill & eat'em up..

interested in a few more outtakes:
"i think he's interested" video- click here
"the slobbery waterbowl"- click here
"hey i'm trying to look at the beast"- click here


a GABE pressie!

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GABE 2010 Blue Post Size

this past April, Twinkie held the first GABE event as a way 
to meet new bloggiepals.
When i stopped by El'bow & Hauwii's blog,
they were having a pressie give-away-
picking two winnahs each week of the event.

Feeling lucky,  i entered my name and channeled my best
tulaness right to El'bow.

it worked- 
Watch him pick me as a winnah!

Click Here

then wroo wooo.. the pressies arrived!
 oooh. so fancy.
this is the nicest note anyone has ever pawed me!
and smelly good too:)

what is this? my twinnie?
let me give it the once ovah..
ok, not something to eat.

Sanne made me my furry own bag
with my furry own cookie face on it!

i think i like it.. like it alot Smiley from millan.net

she also made the cutest little doggie pal for me.
very creative Sanne!

i tried my paws at drawing too.

Thank you to my new pals & to Twinkie-
what a woonderful event.


Training Bloggie #14: it finally happened

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dog42.gif (GIF Image, 31x30 pixels)-1-3-2-1

hi bloggiepals,

You won't believe what you're about to see!
it's been years in the making...
days and days and months and months of training.
duh duh dunnnnnn..

what is it? a breakthrough!
I finally met my cuzin, Nordude nose 2 nose and nose 2 fuzzbutt.

Smiley from millan.net

it wasn't planned.
the story goes: one Sunday afternoon,
I was minding my own bidnez headed to the frog pond 
when low and behold.. you know who was heading back!

my mom thought.. huh, let's practice approaching.
watch, although this was furry exciting.. i didn't grr, put my hackles up
or lunge. so we kept moving in closer.

before ya know it, i was right next to him!
that's when i went in to sniff the snouter.
my aunt bee squeaked & pulled Norwood away.

but we did it again,
followed him around the field and
i got a chance to give his fuzzbutt a furry thorough inspection.
not once. TWICE!

he got hot doggies the whole time- so he wouldn't turn around.
kinduv works out fur everybody.
Smiley from millan.net
 alright, without further delay.
see for yourself.

we've met again since that time.
sat next to each other for a game of catch the hot doggie!
one goal down.. 
 next feat-- my private tutorings with the huge one, Mango.

  Happy Pet Blogger Hop Saturday!


Wordless Wednesdays: lips-flapping in the wind

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WildObs: gone 2 the birdz

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  Smiley from millan.nethi bloggiepals,

the wildlife has definitely made things more enjoyable lately.
i'm seeing all sortz of creatures along the river trail.
we're talkin' snakes (yikes), ducks, beavers, rabbits, frogs (yep!),
turtles, fishies, and birdz, birdz, birdz!

so this week's wildobs adventure  means one thang..
 once again my bloggie has gone to the birdz!

take a look through
my wildobs notebook to see my recordings!

Journal entry #1
wait a minute, that's me! at the river's edge..
the river is filling in with tall grasses except where the water
keeps flowing.. cheese!

Journal entry #2
this is over by Nordude's favorite frog pond.
See the ripple in the water.. that was this huge trout,
who thought he was a shark. a reactive shark!- flipping his body outta the water
and then had the nerve to lunge or i mean, swim close to me
with his big top fin sticking up!
Smiley from millan.net
of course, someone missed the shot

Journal entry #3
 the frogs are out like nobody's bidnez.
he's a big one too! funnie...haven't seen him since
Norwood's frog mishap..huh.

Journal entry #4
here's where the bird part comes in..
the most common bird around herah is the red-winged blackbird..
and their sounds Conk-a-reeeee back at ya!
 after failed attempts trying to catch the many other bluejays,
cardinals, and red-headed woodpecker...

i finally was able to get on video!! the mysterious
huge white bird that flies over the river daily
now i'm no expert.. i think its

 the great egret--
turn the volume up because we usually hear it coming before we see it!

Journal entry #5
ok, look.. there's tula much action going on. 
must sit down. can i get a bag of chips & a soda?
promise not to litter.

Happy Weekend to you all!
stay tuned for more wildobs next week..

Smiley from millan.net


Wordless Wednesdays: no place is tula small

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Go take in a short flick at Norwood's Pawdance Festival!
 and then vote for your favs!
hurry it ends this week...

Happy WW!