Wordless Wednesdays: smilin'; & profilin'

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happy wordless wednesday 


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not the V-E-T (rut roh)/ PawDance

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggiepals,

well, it was that time of year again. 
Annual exam &  vaccinations... for moi, it's my worse nightmare.
i do NOT like to be handle. touched. looked at..  by the vet at ALL!


look at me, i look like an anteater with this tubey thing on my face with a GL!
mom says safety for everyone comes first, not fashion.
guess she's right, b/c the minute the vet entered..
i gave him my most welcome, how've you been greeting-
low grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

which set the tone for the exam.
luckily i do get a feedbag of chicken in my face
the entire time. mom makes sure to keep my face in it 
so i don't want to eat the vet.

i mean he's trying to score a homerun when
he didn't even work to get to first base- if you know what i mean!


then i heard all my secrets being discussed right in front of me..

okay, so i gained a few pounds. + 10 = 114 lbs.. big deal
and yes, i sleep alot... 
and do not like to exert any amount of energy on walking, moving..
unless it involves foodies.
is that a problem?

the vet thought it could be side effects of my medication & other factors.
he ordered my meals to be cut in HALF (rut roh)
and that all my treats were ok -since they're given for a purpose (kinduv - training, right)

but he decided to check my thyroid.
yep, got a call the next day, that was the culprit. 
a very low thyroid can cause weight gain, lethargy & aggression in some dogs.
most large females. huh? moi?!

the prescription: levothyroxine medication
we'll see how it goes.

so to make it up to me..
mom scheduled an appointment with JULIE!
my animal massage therapist.
she's helping me get use to being handled & touched 
(it's purely therapeutic reasons-- ookay!)

here's my greeting for Julie..Smiley from millan.net

she's what you call a WOO WOO FRIEND!
thanks julie.. now i'm loose as a goose:)

This is also my entry in Norwood's Pawdance Film Festival

Visit his bloggie for more info!

Happy Sunday,



Wordless Wednesdays: neighborhood watch

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Walkie Adventures: things 2 Grr about

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oh boy, you're just in time for my walkies.
get your hiking shoes on.. grab the bag of treaties,
and we're off.

the Assabet River has a nice trail located behind the local high school.
Perfect place for an adventure...

hold up..hot already..
must dippers my lippers.
mmm.. delicious..very good year!

second stop.. the beaver's home.
he actually slipped away underwater seconds 
before i put my snooter in there.
(hey mango, you like what you see?!)

 chocolate dipped toe toes anyone?

hey, this is new..

yep, i gave my best akita hello..
Grr grr. lunge.

the trail ends at the back field where Lacrosse practice takes place.
yep, i helped out the coach by offering my assistance
(free of charge, of course)
--as they ran by.

grr grr no slackers!
i think they started sprinting!

so off to the lake on the other side of the field.
sniff sniff .. oooooo jackpot!
ok, i was in steamroller position.. when i got
the order, "LEAVE IT!" and a quick jank.
alright, geesh!!! no fun!

heading back to the car.
the quickest way is through the baseball field.
that's when the ATTACK happened.

i'm minding my own bidnez when this thing flapped at me!
Grrr. grrr.. back away quick.

wait..need. to. catch. my breath. before i get in the car.

here's a shot of my under the eyeball sore.
my gentle leader free week has allowed it to start to heal.

luv luv luv not being pulled by my snooter.
mom comtemplated your comments &
decided it maybe time to start transitioning 
out of the GL, well at least some of the time.
if you notice in the photos, i'm sporting my sensible harness.
it doesn't give as much control as the GL, but wheelie,
i can handle myself. as if!
(oops, i sound like asta- r/w mixups)

nice pal-ing around with ya.
let's do it again, wheelie soon.



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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggiepals,

Is there a doctor in the house? my eye is swollen & sore and it can't get up!  &@#!^^^ (insert HBO words) gentle leader has been rubbing under my eyeball. very hard to heal in that spot when someone keeps making me wear it. i know,  all kinds of first aid procedures have been tried: neosporin, aloe vera, special tape on the gentle leader, extra peanut butter & cookies:) see how ridiculous i look...OOUUwiee!

( in this photo: no worries, my lips are ok-
they get puffed up cuz i'm staring at 
a barking doggie across the street)

well, things have gone from bad to terrierble
instead of the GL.. a towel saddle? really?

and NO i am not giving rides!

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scratchies to my pals,


Wordless Wednesdays: the Ultimate Challenge

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Easter Wishes

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Smiley from millan.net hi bloggiepals!

the Easter bunnie hopped by my house.. 
all i got was these darn ears..
do i really need them? .. geesh.

no marshmallow peeps? chocolate bunnies? jelly beans?
that's it i'm headed over to Maggie & Mitch's
for some of their Easter pie.. toodles!

Smiley from millan.net

Have the best Easter! 
(with or without ears)

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eYewatch FrIday: all jokes til someone gets hurt

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hi bloggiepals!

 woot woot- it's a three day holiday weekend.
the weather couldn't be nicer!

so come'on put my gentle leader on & let's go for my walkies.  
oh yeah, better wear your sneaks.. 
watch out you could break a sweat!

10 minutes in.. 

did you see that? a yellow blurr.
ugh. tula much sun already.

wait, let me try my snouter..sniff sniff
smells a little like an adult beverage.

what in the world! uhh.. FUI.. 
(flying under the influence) is a crime.
don't make me report you on an Easter weekend.


thanks for the rubdown.
 ok let's get moving...

then i looked down!
look look it's green!

and it lined the side entire side of the street.

as we rounded the corner..
there was the strangest sight.

no no. that's just me. 
but i'm not wearing any glasses. huh.

got the feeling someone was playing an April Fool's joke on me.
ok.. ha ha ha.

wishing everyone a great eYeWatch Friday!