WOO WOO!- a happy ending

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Remember BIG MAC 

This was posted on Craigslist back in February:

Brooklyn Center: My name is BIG MAC. My Animal ID # is A846975. 
 I am a male white and brown akita. The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old.
I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 02/04/2010 from NY 11212, 
owner surrender reason stated was STRAY. ...
i could feel his pain..
that was me at the NYC Animal Care Center a few years ago.
kept wondering what happened to Big MAC???

Then on facebook today, i read the GOOD NEWS!!
 he was SAVED at the last minute.
someone associated with the 
snagged him just in time!

 Here was the message on the ARWNY facebook page (+photo)
Once again, bless Joann D. -- she has this Akita safe in her care -- he's less than 2 yrs old, so beaten & abused that his will has been broken. If anyone can bring him around its Joann -- so Big Mac is saved....thanks to the DIMON family!!!  

See, there is hope that he can recover and
find a loving family who will luv all his akitaness:) 
from the look of the website, an adoption is pending

 speaking of akitaness.. 
i'm going to show you some right now 

 big yawns & smiles,


Wordless Wednesdays (late): lipper locker action

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on a thursday (oops)
it's all in the lips!
who said i don't have skillz-


team tryouts

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggiepals!

pant pant pant, heavy breathing..must lay down! spring has sprung and turned on the sun! it's been in the mid 60's up to 70 degrees all week long. ( note: sun + 60 =  too (la) hot doggie)

estimated pass out time on my sunny afternoon walkies is now around 10 minutes. well, i do pass out.. but at least there's entertainment while i take a rest on the cool grassballz. i would find it relaxing if there wasn't all this mumbling by my walker about "how is she suppose to get exercise when all i do is lay down." blah blah blah.  geesh,  someone's cranky after work.  that's when i had a brilliant lightbulb idea-r! ding!

hey, i'll join one of the sports team. why not? we're always walking about the local high school.. everyone looks like they're having fun.

So, let's check out some of my choices.

Batter up! BASEBALL!
they play with a ball- ok, check.
one person hits the ball, everyone else stands there and watches.
( maybe i could lay down) ok, check.
hey maybe they need an extra bench warmer.
a possibility...

 then there's the tennis team.
no shade, standing, jumping, running forward, backwards.
umm.. don't think i'm going to do the ball pickup around the court either.
no way jose..

 let's see, the lacrosse team practices out in the back of the school.

o---u--t o-f br--e-a--th just walking out here.
and that's when i overhead the conversation about
rookies have to carry the water & equipment..
lacrosse not so much for me. 

besides somehow the ball keeps getting thrown in my direction,
are they trying to tell me something?
i get it, it's a boys only team. geesh!

hold on, need a break.

better give this more thought before a final decision!
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happy sunday!



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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggie pals,

 massa-chew-sitts has had three days of non-stop pouring rainballs! so, i decided to ask my magic eightball when, WHen, WHEN is it going to stop???  I mean how much cleaner can i get? at this point, my muscle butt is pretty darn squeaky clea.

well, it must be the luck of the irish, (wait.. i'm japanese-brooklyn (akita)) because the next thing  you knew.. this was being reported. check it out!

WHEW! what a relief!
the magic eightball was right..

let me ask it another question: 
is there such thing as a cookie fairy?
Smiley from millan.net

ok, not liking that answer!
stupid thing..



Training Blog #13: ruffian gone good, maybe?

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dog42.gif (GIF Image, 31x30 pixels)-1-3-2-1

hi bloggiepals,

every saturday, it's time to be practice being a Good Dog in class!  Mango's momma wanted to know if it actually works-- am i, tula monstah now a converted ruffian gone good? could it be true? and who is this instructor? what is this class? can the Mango sign up?

WEll it's Good Dog 201 I told her.

so she had to see the real deal for herself.

Class starts with targeting practice and then stays.
 Look, i'm on a  15 ft. lead.. might not be the best idea-r.
as mom gulps because you know who is right next to us.
.. isn't the class rule: staring is rude!
ummm  Paul-- norwood's staring.

 it isn't all work nope, we play games like Simon Says.

Simon Says jump up and down.  Not me!.. look! there's mommie actin' a fool.

supposedly learning to come when called is most furry important.

hey what's he doing?
(quick you bettah reel me in!)

there's always time for some scratchies

then i put my best luvie eyes on the mango momma
Smiley from millan.net

hoping for some of this.. i know she wanted to!

by the end of class me & my goofball cuzin were like BFFs.
(i mean it's taken over 2 years of training to control myself- but see!)
does it matter if i still wanted to take a nibble?

now this leaves the question.. will the RH Mango himself be enrolled in
this intensive training to be a good doggie?

nope, he has other plans.

that doesn't mean she didn't sign this guy up.


Stay tuned for a bunch of good dog shananigans 
(big Smiley from millan.netto mango's momma for the pics)


Wordless Wednesdays: licking my choppahs

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i bet he tastes like a hot dog! 

pass the ketchup...

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Wordless Wednesdays: Music Video Edition

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Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
tap your toes toes &
give luv to something,
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Snapshots: think spring

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Smiley from millan.nethi bloggiepals,Smiley from millan.net
since spring won't come to us, then..
you leave me no choice but to buy it! HA!
hello tulips
ruby red pedals
bright sunshine
lavender stars
more tu--lips
oops how did that get in therah!

wake me up when spring comes...
nice try!
Smiley from millan.net