Inspection in Progress

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i've been rather biddy these dayz.. doing a little extra sekurity work..overtime during the holidayz. but it's for family, well.. my cuzin, Norwood.

While he was off traveling to OHIO (growing fangs), his apartment has been unattended or 'lights out', leaving it at high risk for robbers. Luckily, i'm in the neighborhood to keep my monstah eyes on everything. Yup, free in-home inspections!

See for yourself...

Well, everything seemed to check out ok.

everyone likes to come home to
things just the way they left it.
(maybe this counts as a christmas gift)

interested in my services??
gift certificates are available.. will travel too.

send your address, keys and dates.
you won't even know i was there.

big kisses,


Holiday Memoriez: Turkey Day

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Hi Bloggiepals!

Raise your paw if this is your FAVORITE day of the year..
I HEART turkey day.. despite a rough one last year

take a look...

tula's thanksgiving day

I guess I'm thankful for Bruce & Norwood saving me from that mad gobbler.
but OOCH!

Bruce did remind me that Thanksgiving isn't just about the yummie foodies. (huh?!)
Today's a good day to also be thankful for
my wonderful furriends & beans.. I've met along the way.

I can't Wroo Wroo enuff about my new bloggiepals who feel like family!

Bruce even passed this special Turkey Award onto me.
He thinks i'm sweet (awww shucks)
.. MwUaah

I'd like to pass this Award to five of my friends with the hopes that they will cut and paste the badge above for their blogs, then honor five more and so on and so on...

The Thundering Herd- gotta luv a seven pack of huskies

Khyra- has a good heart taking care of other rescues

Stumpy- he's my biggest cheerleader.
Brownie- one my new furriends
Agatha & ARchie- they crack me up!

Wishing everyone a Terrific Turkey Day!

gobble gobble,


EyeWatch Friday: boink

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Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!
a quick hi bloggie pals!

give a Woot Woot, it's FrEYEday -


go ahead

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hi bloggie pals,

go ahead.. scratch & sniff me!
(yeah mango-- put your snouter right up close to the screen)

who needs to get in the bathtubbers??!
thanks to Hurricane turned Nor'ida,

MA had TWO days of relentless rainfalls.
Result: i'm squeaky clean with a soft scent of lavender..

yep, that's me. smelling fresh, feeling relaxed and silky soft.
should be good for at least a month!


back 2 my caramelattas...

Happy Sunday
Go Patriots- take it to the Colts!


Wordless Wednesdays: buddy boy walkies

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well, some words

Training on Sunday Mornings - an hour buddy boy (norwood) walkies.
Starts will stalking him through the neighborhoods, watching him leave peemail-
turn & stick his tongue out at me (sometimes it makes me mad-grr)
and ends up with parallel walking.
So exciting...
trying to concentrate here norwood- stop telling me to say 'cheese'!
there's no cheese.. geeshers.

Salute 2 the Veterans 2day,

Peeses: likie the graphic.. for more..click on
http://www.flickr.com/photos/jelene/ / CC BY 2.0


Sunday Morning Funnies

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yep, i stole the banana.
i stole the banana 2day, really yestahday.

and paul didn't want to grab it from my lip lockers.
(yeh, well he didn't teach that in class either-oops!)

Happy Sunday everybloggie!


Breaking News: Another Tula!

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Two little girl tiger cubs were born this summer at the Milwaukee County Zoo! (a special place b/c my mommie grew up there- no, not AT the zoo but visited when she was little. geesh!)

The Zoo held a special naming contest for the cubs, and the winner was Ashley Goffin, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Goffin attended school in Durban, South Africa, where she worked with orphan children. The children helped her learn some of their native language, isiZulu. “Tula” means “quiet.” It can have multiple interpretations such as “all is quiet,” inferring a great sense of calm with the birth. “Nuri” means “my flame,” and is Hebrew in origin.

Awww she looks like a tula.. cute, quiet, fuzzy, wild, big ears, big teefers.. ok ok we're getting off track! Here I thought my name was a combination of Kuma=bear (japanese) and Tala= wolf (native american). I think i like the African meaning bettah!

hmmm...What does your name mean?