Wordless Wednesday: 5am walkie

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Training Blog #9- a new plan

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i've been biddy biddy. let me back it up to about a month ago when i took a trip to Animal Rescue League of Boston. Ruh rooo.. what's going on? i haven't been that bad have i??

actually i met Dr. D'Arpino, a veterinarian behaviorist (gulp gulp) who is guiding us in my 'behavior' plan--ookay! well, the appointment didn't involve needles, thermometers, or stuff like that.. all i heard for about an hour was:

blah blah blah TULA blah blah Lots of treats blah blah blah WALKIES GRR GRR at DOGGIES... blah blah blah NEW ROWDY CLASS..blah blah blah SLEEPY..

Then finally someone paid attention to me. Dr. D'Arpino introduced me to 3 doggies with a baby gate between us. A little guy, a medium guy, and a big Mastiff. The Mastiff who supposedly is always calm.. started reacting to me before I even met him- as if!

Anyway, that's when the diagnosis came: she said i am highly reactive due to anxiety and I am not reading or understanding doggie body language especially when calming signals are being used. BUT, my prognosis is fair to very good to be able to interact other pups if I work on these things.

The master plan:

1- continue training class- duh
2- nothing in life is free philosophy. (meaning i have to work for everything)
3- increase mental stimulation- huh?
4- medication to reduce anxiety- we'll give it a try.
5- start training with non-reactive doggies. those who can give me good calming signals.
any volunteers? :)

so... here's how #2 and #3 are being implemented now. Meet Mr. Kibble Ball!
change is hard....is it really necessary?

someone's even got a catittude.until..

ok, i must admit.. i LUV my kibbleball. i start drooling just looking at it:)
maybe this will work- i'll go along with it for now.

The Patriots game is on.. bye!


Wordless Wednesday: oh no- not this guy

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my bloggie too--really?!


Saturday Morning Funnie: talk like a pirate

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hi bloggie pals,

wroo.. today another 8 week session of Ruffian's class starts. you know, i'm on the lifetime enrollment plan. but! Paul said NO doggies on the first day! double wroo wroo.. mom has to go &
let's see, i will be umm... taking ze napperz!

then time for some bloggie/tweetie pal fun!

Aye, yes tis' talk like a pirate day!
(it's an actual day!)

Ahoy, how do you talk like a pirate??
Arrr, har you go try the
pirate speak translator.

Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?

ahoy mateys,
bisquiteater of the pink sea

disclaimer: pirate talking is highly addictive.
recommended for those who have lots of freetime.


eYewatch friday: bbbbruce?

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bbbbbruce??? pppppickles?? is that you with your scury face?

Ok.. on the count of 3 and nothing will be therah.

1...2.. 2 1/2...

SPPPOOOKY eYewatch Frriiiday!


wag by bruce's blog to see his scury faceballs.


saturday morning funnies: yeah ok

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hi bloggiepals, yah..jokes on me.hahaha.
ok, whoevah did this ..

rainy day or not,

bettah sleep with one pie open.

bruce the cat wouldn't do somethang like this.
or stumpy or ozball or dexter or kareltje.. i could go on...

i am thinking his name could
start with an N.
not sure not sure.
i'll get to the bottom of this!

but, after my umpteenth time at ruffian class,

guess i should save all this rowdiness for my pals at class today.



Wordless Wednesday: snake charm

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heart heart heart


Old family photos

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Hi bloggiepals,

I was ruffling through my closets & discovered old family photos. Good to remember my long past relatives-- and see just where my cookie face looks & sense of style comes from.

my great great auntie hula- 1954
she's workin them glasses & a tight curled bang. not a bad look.

great granny nula- 1960
cat eyed glasses- wonder where i can get a pair?

LULA (someonez cuzin)-1964
the beehive & bouffant furdo was BIG back then.
watchout the photo is still sticky with furspray.

Auntie Kuma 1970
Power to the people- Auntie Kuma always was a strong akita girl
with some strong, natural furdoos.

Peppah Monstah--1994
(distance relative related to my momma)

Peppah rocked the mic & gold trunk jewelry.

oh.. family photos say alot!
i think i'll stick with this look.

try it furself--or for your hoomans
(unless there's other things you'd rather do:)
it is labor day weekend & beautiful weather)